The Idaho Education Association wanted to connect parents with teachers, to engage parents in efforts to improve education. Excelerate created a series of video testimonials and opportunities for parents to express their opinions. We reached more than 68,000 parents and created direct participation from more than 1,600 of them.
Case Studies
The Georgia National Fair in Perry needed to reverse flattening attendance and boost concert ticket sales. Excelerate studied the target market for the fair and created a video and mobile marketing campaign combined with retargeting. Fair attendance increased from 425,000 to 510,000, the largest number ever. It sold $700,000 in concert tickets, and the fair collected information from more than 625,000 website visitors for future marketing campaigns.
Case Studies
Georgia State Fair
Carpet One in Modesto, California, needed to streamline and synchronize its diverse marketing efforts. Excelerate became part of the marketing team, helping the store optimize its website, creating enticing landing pages and teaching the store’s marketers the value and meaning of analytics.
Case Studies
Carpet One
Steves Chevrolet Buick, an Oakdale, California., car dealership, needed to present consistent branding across a variety of marketing channels. Excelerate built a relationship with the dealership’s marketing team, listened to its needs, and developed a streamlined and synchronized approach to digital marketing. With a multi-channel approach, we achieved double digit gains in click-through rates. Customers stayed on the site longer, viewed more content, and had a higher return rate than any previous campaign had achieved.
Case Studies
Jeff Steves Chevrolet
Professional Bank, a south Florida boutique bank, needed to promote a new CD rate ahead of its competition. Excelerate’s real-time targeting, which used mobile, email, search and programmatic geo-targeted advertising, reached 337,000 potential customers and produced engagement with 1,224 people.
Case Studies
Professional Bank
When V-Fans, a national distributor of fans and ventilation systems, needed to upgrade its online marketing, the south Florida company turned to excelerate. With pinpoint targeting, a search engine marketing program and new calls to action on the company website, excelerate created engagement with more than 4,000 potential customers among the nearly 275,000 people reached.
Case Studies