Discover, Define, Design, Deploy, Measure


How we excelerate your success.

It is now more important than ever to implement a robust digital marketing strategy. Over 90% of consumers in the US with internet access perform research prior to making a purchasing decision. We see the world is evolving and the way brands communicate online is changing.

Everything we do is centered on comprehending our clients’ business goals. With those goals in hand, we bring to life campaigns that are instrumental in the growth and success of our customers’ businesses. Through our years of experience working with multiple audience platforms, we bring the unsurpassed value of being able to interpret digital audiences to our advertising clients.

We are committed to crafting viable marketing programs that change and develop as the business goals of our clients evolve. By discerning current state and desired state goals on a continual basis, we optimize campaigns strategically and creatively to benefit and complement the changing landscape.

By combining our insights and expertise, we can navigate the digital landscape to deliver results-driven campaigns. Our design-thinking focus ensures a positive return on investment for our clients.

Discovery is the first step in creating a digital marketing plan that will meet our clients’ goals. It starts with assembling information about your industry, about your particular company and about your market. Our market research combined with data you provide help us find the customers who need and are ready to listen to information about your products and services.

At Excelerate, it is our mission to understand your customer segments and design a plan and create a message they will love and that gets you results. We have a knack for creating visually stunning websites and ads, but the design process involves much more.

With data in hand, our specialists work with you to define the program that best fits your company’s needs today and into the future. Whether you need mobile design, a social media presence, a brand voice, video production or content creation, our team will help you sort through the changing digital landscape and craft a custom solution.

With marketing goals and data-driven definitions of your customers and their characteristics, our next step is deploying agreed-upon solutions. That includes solutions such as choosing the correct social media and loading content, using programmatic advertising to reach target audiences at the right time and native advertising.

Although measurement is the “last” step, it is the most important because it affirms our commitment to your success. There is no “set it and forget it” with Excelerator. Even in the early stages of your campaign, we will measure responses and ask you for feedback. We’ll want to know what customers are saying, whether you’re seeing more foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, and whether sales are changing.