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As we plunge into 2017, there is no better time than now to reflect on the accomplishments of the last year! To start, excelerate has made quite a splash both within our McClatchy footprint and within the digital marketing industry as a whole!

We are growing by leaps and bounds on all fronts. Some 2016 stats that made the leaderboard:
  • 155 total proposals created and presented
  • 45 active accounts running
  • $1.5 Million in fulfilled campaigns
  • $3+ Million in sales to date
  • $7 Million in the sales pipeline

We’re definitely carrying this momentum forward. January started the year off with great numbers! We've had 3 consecutive months of over a million dollars in sales and in January alone added 13 new clients; and to date we've had 72 proposals requested, and presented to 50 potential new clients. See the Spotlight area below for some of our recent success stories. And on a social note, we’ve surpassed the 4,000 fan mark on Facebook! Our focus moving forward will continue to be on new business with attention to the client base we best serve, large local and regional clients.
trusted advisors
The Marketing Services team is expanding as we continue to grow revenue! The team, led by Galen Kashtock, includes experts in media strategy, creative, product and research, who are all dedicated to providing the most competitive media and marketing proposals in the marketplace as well as best in class fulfillment and reporting. Plans to expand the thriving team are continually in the works as we aggressively grow our list of clients! You can contact the team at: [email protected]

Media Strategy
Megan Mitchell
Kylie Siang
Jason Boyer

Product Specialists
David Shaw
Brandon Baker
Marla Husovsky

Mark Whitaker
Carlos Pelay
Brian Manley
Isaac Hindle
Creative Support
Alli McLeod
Gregg Bessette


  we're growing

2017 brings the opportunity to expand outside of our McClatchy footprint into uncharted geographical areas. Sounds like the kind of lingo you would get from a jungle safari tour guide! On that note, our first adventure begins in Atlanta and New Orleans with a strategy to win new business through a partnership with the Macon, Columbus, and Biloxi teams! We welcome Becky Tracy to the team as the Director of Dedicated Partnerships and Marketing. Becky will lead the Out of Market sales strategy and marketing efforts as we continue to expand the national footprint of excelerate.

Mike Villela has also just come aboard to lead Atlanta/NOLA. He will spend part of his time selling in the Atlanta area and will manage sellers in both Atlanta and NOLA. And welcome to Eric Ettinger, Digital Account Exective representing the who dat? nation as he joins the team in NOLA.

We have big goals in 2017 and a lot of hard work (and fun) ahead! We look forward to working with you and sharing success in the new year!

  meet our team

In an effort to get to know us a little better, each month we’ll put one of our team members in the limelight and let you see their quirky, or not-so-quirky side.

Meet Galen Kashtock- Director, Marketing Services. Better known as Chief of Puzzles, masterful at putting complex solutions together from a fragmented landscape to create a masterpiece.

Where did you grow up? Woodbridge, Virginia. I'd show you where it is on google maps, but it's probably covered in traffic to and from DC.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? Working with a great team to problem-solve for our clients. There's such a variety in the businesses we work with and each one makes us critically think about how we can best drive results.

If you had a time machine, where and when would you travel? Wherever humans end up when space travel is advanced enough to travel outside our solar system.

What’s the last great thing you binge-watched and why? Being the dad of a toddler, I don't often get to sit down and watch eleven episodes at once. I did manage to finish the first season of Stranger Things in a couple weeks. That was (nerve-wreckingly) captivating.

What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure snack? Fake carrot cake, like the kind you get at buffets with free dessert.

  spot light

Mount Sinai

  • Total Contract Value: $400k
  • Market: Miami, FL
  • Industry: Medical
  • Revenue Classification: New
  • Tactics: Display, Search, Social, Branded Content, Email

Tachi Hotel and Casino

  • Total Contract Value: $252k
  • Market: Fresno, CA
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Revenue Classification: Increase
  • Tactics: Display, Search, Social

Rana Furniture

  • Total Contract Value: $250k
  • Market: Miami, FL
  • Industry: Furniture
  • Revenue Classification: New
  • Tactics: Display, Search, Social

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