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Insights From Google Marketing Live Events

Adam Fitzgerald, Becky Tracy and Steve Bell joined 5,000 of their closest marketing friends at Google Marketing Live in San Francisco earlier this month. The digital giant unveiled new ad products, shared research, announced enhancements and discussed the trends moving our industry forward. Here are some key takeaways from the event.

  • Keep an eye out for lots of enhancements and updates in the coming weeks and months to Google Ads, as they continue to increase the focus on transparency, choice and control in digital advertising. New ad formats will begin to emerge, including Discovery and Gallery ads.
  • The consumer journey is not going away – Consumers expect brands to connect with them at various points of the consumer journey and to engage through multiple formats (including video).
  • Growth is unlocked through performance – You get more budget when you deliver results. In other words, when our clients are successful, we are successful in return.
  • A redesigned Google Shopping experience will standardize the online shopping experience and allow more personalization. Consumers will be able to buy on merchant sites, in a local store or directly on Google. Since 55% of online shoppers use YouTube for research before making a purchase, Google will now be competing more directly with Amazon.
  • A travel app, Google Trips Travel Planner, is also being launched to help consumers research and book travel through their entire trip-planning journey.
  • Deep Linking within Google Ads will allow advertisers to direct users of an app to a specific location within the app. This allows advertisers to measure in-app actions as conversions, making it easier to measure and optimize the impact of campaigns against both web and app.
Amy Blare
  • Google recognizes challenges with reporting and siloed KPI barriers and is continuing to work toward solutions that will make this simpler and more user friendly.

To echo a recurring mantra at this years event – stay tuned for more to come!

Meet our newest team members!

Tiffany Blackwell

Display Strategist


Shannon Hoskins

DIgital Copywriter


Patience Carter

Media Strategist

Ft. Worth

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Associate Director of Marketing Services


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Display Strategist


Facebook Ads Update

Starbucks Page Transparency Button is on the right rail of Facebook's interface

If you’ve tried to search for a business’s targeted ads lately, you may have noticed Facebook has transitioned away from the Info and Ads tab to the Ad Library. So, where do you find the Ad Library? It can be accessed under the Page Transparency section in the right rail of a Page.

You’ll find all active ads a Page is running across Facebook in the Ad Library. Previous and inactive ads, however cannot be seen.

While the intent of the change is to give increased accountability and information surrounding political ads, the other clear benefit is the new access and transparency it gives marketers conducting research.

Let's Have Some Dog-Gone Fun!

We think it’s time we got to know the dogs of excelerate! So, to have a little fun, send Mitzi your favorite photo of your pooch.

As we wind up Spring and move into the dog days of Summer, we’ll introduce you to some of our furry friends in the July newsletter.

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New Case Study

Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade

The Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade teamed up with excelerate to tell the story of the county's parks and how they transform lives and communities. Together, we built a strategy that leveraged our digital expertise, creative solutions and deep local knowledge to educate and engage the local community.

Click the link below to read the full success story!

See the full case study

. . . your team has taken care of us with their superior customer service and understanding of the parks department. We feel like they’re a member of our team as they have gotten their hands dirty with us – they just get us!

Product Corner

As excelerate continues to grow and evolve, so too, do our product offerings. We’re excited to tell you about some enhancements to a couple of them.


A number of enhancements to our third-party email solution impact internal processes and help us serve our clients more efficiently during media planning and fulfillment stages, including the ability to pull our own counts and more control over the ordering and fulfillment process. We also have access to real-time reporting available in a dashboard and additional personalization features.

Parks Foundation of Miami Case Study

Reputation Management

With our reputation management solution, we can now offer exciting features for businesses with multiple locations, allowing brand management from one place. These enhancements include:

  • View and manage all locations from one dashboard.
  • Map visualizations of listing scores and review scores.
  • Trending and timeline charts of review scores and listing scores.
  • Ability to compare all locations' performance at once.

Whether it’s a new feature added or enhancements that enable us to better serve clients, each product improvement adds value to our offerings and helps us continue to deliver best-in-class solutions.