Hunt Midwest

Building a Strong Pipeline of High-Intent Homebuyers

The award-winning, Kansas City real estate developer, Hunt Midwest, needed a strategic, marketing partner to help increase their yearly home sales in nine master-planned communities. We developed a custom blueprint for their digital marketing, which targeted young families and baby boomers who were actively shopping for homes.

Our approach also included combining a custom keyword strategy, ad copy tailored to each community and a custom video series to highlight the unique benefits that make Hunt Midwest the premier homebuilder in the Kansas City area. Our campaign successfully produced a steady stream of increased website traffic, leads and home sales.

  • Industry

    Residential Real Estate Developer
  • Market

    Kansas City, MO
    Kansas City, KS
  • Goals

    Increase Home Sales
    Increase Foot Traffic
    Increase Website Traffic Increase Leads
    Build Awareness Improve Brand Messaging
  • Strategies

    Programmatic Display
    Video Production


  • 10.1% PPC Click-Through Rate (Well Above Industry Standard)

  • 51% PPC Conversion Rate (Includes: Available Homes, Floor Plan & Come Visit Clicks, Form Submissions)

  • 13% Average Rank Increase for All Keywords (August 2019, Compared to Previous Month)

“I was blown away by the level of service. I feel we have a true partnership with excelerate, McClatchy and the Kansas CIty Star.”

Hunt Midwest

Jenni Mann | CMO

  • In the 2018 campaign, Hunt Midwest saw great strides in their organic search engine rankings with their SEO campaign overtaking competitors in domain authority.

  • Paid search CTR has remained strong, steadily growing each month.

  • Maintained steady increase of new visitors to most individual community websites YTD, especially Benson Place and Eagle Creek.

  • Hunt Midwest reported increased home sales since partnering with excelerate.

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