Matt Long

Matt Long, Head of Client Success at excelerate

FUN FACT: If he could be anywhere right now, Matt would be at an Oakland A's baseball game, fulfilling his dream of visiting as many MLB stadiums as possible.

As our Head of Client Success, Matt Long is a driving force for client retention and satisfaction. Based in our Raleigh, NC office, Matt also spends time traveling to oversee his Client Success team, which is dispersed across our 30 local markets throughout the country. He describes his team of 50+ Client Success experts as "high-level digital marketers who enjoy working directly with clients to help their businesses succeed."

With almost 30 years of expertise leading teams in digital marketing, client success, sales support, operations and technology processes, Matt's background is also deeply rooted in news publishing. Not only has he spent most of his career working for McClatchy, our overarching company, he refers to his dad and grandfather as "newspapermen." His grandfather was a photographer and his dad was a reporter and newspaper owner; they both enjoyed chasing the news and taught Matt the value of local news in our communities.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys collecting vinyl records with his sons, reading historical biographies and taking care of his new puppies, Ellie and Daisy. And, the word on the street is, Matt shoots some mad hoops that could rival the guys at Dude Perfect!