2017 Holiday Shopping Trends

December 14, 2017

The 2017 holiday shopping season is predicted to break records. According to the National Retail Federation sales from the Thanksgiving weekend kicked us off on the right track: “Retailers’ technology investments paid off with consumers seamlessly shopping on all platforms through the long weekend.”

Here are some trends and tips for this holiday season:

Online Sales

This will be of no surprise to you but online shopping continues to grow every year. In fact it is expected to exceed in-store shopping for the first time this shopping season. Spending on experiences and self-gifting is also expected to increase according to Deloitte. Capturing those online shoppers is becoming more and more important.

At the time of this post I actually took a look into Google Trends and noticed that the search for "Amazon" always peaks around the holidays. Pretty interesting and totally indiciative of a larger long term trends towards ecommerce. 


Mobile Shopping and Micro Moments

Last year mobile accounted for 50% of website visits during the holiday season and 30% of all online sales during the holiday shopping season. We are headed for a mobile takeover this year. Shoppers rely on their phones more than ever before reading reviews and making purchases on the go. It’s crucial for brands to show up with a frictionless mobile experience.

By analyzing your shoppers’ micro-moments (searches clicks and website visits) over the course of a month you can see how much digital plays a role in influencing their purchase decisions. When it comes to shopping sometimes the smallest moments can have the biggest impact. For businesses this means being there for shoppers anytime and anywhere.

Trying to figure out where your shoppers are? Google’s Shopping Insights beta tool allows you to explore the popularity of products in cities across the U.S. and segment by date range and device. Google explains “For example you can see whether people in Boston search for ‘ripped jeans’ and if so whether they're searching on mobile or desktop. You can also browse curated stories of larger trends taking place across the nation.”

Social Media

Social media marketing continues to grow in influence. Whether you are a local small business or an online retailer you need to be on social media; and you need to be providing a unique customer experience. Two-thirds of customers say that they have contacted a company on social media. If you’re not responding to your customers on there you are missing out tremendously. When companies interact with customers on social media their customers spend between 20 and 40 percent more!


Influencer marketing is driving holiday sales as well. The prominence of social media in people’s lives is creating the power behind this trend. More brands are beginning to incorporate influencers into their marketing strategies because there is no denying their power in motivating purchases and creating brand awareness.

Remember that the holiday shopping season should be enjoyable for your shoppers. Making things seamless and streamlined is key. Keeping up with the ever-changing trends in digital marketing is vital to your business’s success.

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