2018 Web Design Trends

September 21, 2017

Figuring out what web design trends will be popular in 2018 means that you have to look at what is driving them.


The primary driving force behind innovation in web design is mobile browsing. In 2016 we saw mobile usage finally overtake desktop browsing. In 2018 we’ll continue to see design innovations based on mobile functionality. Modern mobile technology has promised the rise of progressive web apps intelligent conversation bots and natural language processing. We’re looking towards more modern websites with the technology to talk to you and help you navigate information.


Clean simple pages have been a trend in web design for a while but 2018 will take minimalism to a new level. Developers are finding more uses for negative space. Particularly on mobile clean and speedy pages are essential. Overly complicated and gimmicky designs are not going to play well. Negative space draws attention to the important information and eliminates distractions.

Grid Layouts and Cards

Perhaps influenced by the popularity of Pinterest grid layouts are becoming a popular way to display information. Grid layouts break up images into sections so that the information looks organized and artistic. More businesses are using cards instead of text links. Websites that would previously list their products in a never-ending list of links are replacing them with cards – visual prompts with relevant imagery that take you to the desired page. As images are becoming a more effective way of communicating marketing and searching a layout that allows you to communicate through images is more on-trend and effective than an overwhelming amount of text.


Images are critically important which is not to imply that any images will do. Stock photography is becoming less and less satisfactory. People want to see real people in real situations. Consumers want to put a face to a company or brand. They don’t want to see orchestrated or recycled imagery. If you don’t have a few good photographers to rely on start looking.


You may have noticed more brands using Cinemagraphs. They are quick snippets of images strung together in an animation. They are not as smooth or polished as a conventional video but they still create a dynamic moving image. You could use one to display a quick 360-degree view of a product for example.


To go along with the minimalistic styles that are coming to the forefront typography as a design element will also be taking center stage. We’re seeing playful and artistic font designs taking the place of images. Website typography has increased in size in recent years. The goal is to eliminate excess information and put the emphasis on keywords. Large bold headers are taking over – immediately proclaiming the purpose of the page.

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