3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Social Media’s Reach with SEO

August 16, 2016

Since social media and SEO are two interwoven strategies the efforts you spend on each one should benefit the other.

Oftentimes we are so proud of our just-launched business social media pages we forget to build in the most important function – optimizing them for search. Without that you are missing an opportunity for building your brand’s presence on search engines and social channels.

Below are three practices that will align your social media and SEO:

1. Cross-promote all of your social profiles as well as your website.

Remember that trust-building game The Human Knot? Picture all of those hands connecting as links. Because Google recognizes links on social media as “high quality” make sure all of your profiles contain social sharing buttons that do The Human Knot and interconnect to one another as well as your website.

Each person who shares a link to your website on their social media account is slowly but surely increasing your search ranking as your content populates additional platforms and is found by search engines.

2. Use target keywords in all of your posts.

Another way to rank higher in search engines is to ad keywords specific to your business on your social media accounts and posts. Matt Cutts Google’s former web spam expert explained that social media pages are crawled and indexed like any other website. This is the reason why you are able to find some business’ Facebook page (or any other social pages) in search results even if they don’t have a website. Any branded term is extremely important on social media as it typically appears at the top of a search engine results page (SERP).

As the world’s most popular search engine Google implemented Knowledge Graphs that appear on the right hand side of the page and display additional information related to your search topic. This content is occasionally extracted from social media sites.

3. Invest in attracting genuine followers.

The smartest use of your time is to genuinely engage with influencers and businesses in your industry by sharing useful content. When organic SEO is done right it attracts visitors and entices them to follow your page and engage with your posts. Pages with high-quality followers will rank higher in search results.

Don’t waste your time and money by purchasing fake followers. Social media sites will penalize you and your search rankings will also drop. It may take some time to develop your fan base but it will be worth it as genuine followers are much more likely to interact with your business page and share posts.

Measuring The Impact

There are a few important KPIs to keep in mind when measuring your social and SEO efforts:

  1. Search engine traffic
  2. Conversion rate
  3. Number of engaged website visitors (amount of pages visited time spent on each page)
  4. Bounce rates on web pages
  5. Average time visitors spend on your site following a search


As search engines continue to change their algorithms and social networks implement new features the most important thing you can do is create relevant content on your website and continue to push it out through your social media channels. What still matters most as a ranking factor are the links back to that original content.

For additional information and specific strategies designed to help your business rank higher by using social media contact us today.

 Galen KashtockBy Galen Kashtock

I lead sales support strategy and execution. Our team is hands-on from start to finish with the sales process ensuring that we build and execute wildly successful media strategies for our clients.