5 LinkedIn Tips and Tricks for 2018

January 16, 2018

LinkedIn is more than just a site where people upload their resumes. With more than 500 million users worldwide LinkedIn has become a powerful networking tool for businesses. It has become today’s business card.

Are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn?

Learn how to maximize your impact with these five tips and tricks:

1. Personalize Your Connection Requests



More and more LinkedIn engagements are happening on mobile devices. The LinkedIn app now allows you to personalize your connection requests. Go to the profile of someone you want to make a connection with; click on the drop-down in the upper right-hand corner of the screen; then click on the “personalize invite” option. You can enter a message to your connection request. Keep it brief but be sure to mention why you wish to connect with them or where you met. This can make all the difference when connecting on LinkedIn because relationships are everything.


2. Write Articles on LinkedIn




If you’re a business person with a blog it’s time to start cross promoting on LinkedIn. Heck even if you don't have a blog LinkedIn could act as your blog. Posting on LinkedIn can help you to position yourself as a thought leader and a source of information. Try to post content regularly using so that people are more likely to find your content and either connect or FOLLOW you. Remember that you are speaking to other professionals and you may need to re-word your content to suit your audience. Some of your content may even get featured by LinkedIn or popular forums and gain you thousands of views and a boost in followers. If you're really good at this LinkedIn may even choose you as one of their Influencers. Extra TIP: I've seen some people cross promote people back their personal blog by giving a little "sneak peek" at the content on LinkedIn and then to read more they have to go to the person's actual website. Some people may think that's inappropriate but I think it's a cool tactic.


3. Share Valuable Video Content




While we’re on the topic of sharing articles to get attention on LinkedIn sharing video content that interests people will give them a reason to keep following you and interacting with you. LinkedIn launched the option to create video easier via mobile devices for your connections in 2017. Some of the people I'm connected with and follow share videos like training materials management tips motivational quotes and articles that relate to my field. Don't just share everything you see. Think about your ideal client or person you'd want to have a as a connection and share content THEY would like to see.


4. Join Groups

Join groups that other people in your industry belong to. Notice who’s participating steering the conversations having an influence and take the time to make them a part of your LinkedIn network. Being involved in relevant groups and seeing your target market’s updates will help you build stronger connections.


5. Connect with Your Customers

No one is more important than your customers and clients. Try to connect with every one of your customers. By making your customers a part of your LinkedIn network you build a stronger network and stronger relationships with them. Don’t neglect potential customers but remember that your primary objective on LinkedIn is to establish relationships. Don’t try to use it as a sales platform. Once you're connected and then follow some of the tips mentioned previously you'll start to create a deeper connection virtually with those customers as they will continue to see your lovely face and content!

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