A/B Testing Advertisements

August 26, 2020

When we talk about marketing strategies, few methods can provide the same insight into your marketing data as A/B testing. It’s exactly how it sounds – A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of an advertising or marketing tactic, such as an ad, webpage, or email, against each other to see which one performs better. Both campaigns are shown to samples from the same audience and may contain the same images and copy with one small difference in between them. It could be two different headlines, two different photos, or perhaps two different audience age groups. A/B testing takes the guesswork out and enables you to make data-informed decisions.

It’s a seriously effective method when used correctly because it provides you the honest truth about your marketing initiatives and helps you to focus ad spend on the best performing campaign. A/B testing enables you to discover what your audience responds to and tailor your advertising to best suit your ideal customers.

A/B testing can be used by any business in any industry. It’s an effective way to determine how your content performs, and your business should be taking advantage of the benefits consistently to continually improve upon your advertising goals. This will help you to create and distribute better content that your customers can relate to and will take action on. Here are some of the places where A/B testing can be used to step up your marketing:

  • Emails. If you run email campaigns through a platform such as Mailchimp or Benchmark, you can test different subject lines to identify the path to higher open rates.
  • Landing Pages. Post-ad landing pages can be tested to see how your prospects take action based on different sales copy.
  • Banner Ads. Create multiple ad sets with different calls to action or different headlines and watch the clickthrough rates for patterns.
  • Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter - try different copy based on the types of prospects that use each platform to find the winner.
  • CTAs. “Buy My Stuff” isn’t always the best call to action. Split test with different CTAs that focus on the benefits that your customers will experience such as “Take a Virtual Tour” or “Explore More”. Test and see which one drives the most conversions and focus your ad spend accordingly.
  • Websites. Before doing a full redesign, make minor tweaks to your webpage and see how your traffic changes.

A/B testing enables you to take a calculated look at how your content is performing and make tweaks that will aid in the success of your campaigns. This will help you to reduce bounce rates, increase your clickthrough and conversion rates, and most importantly, increase your ROI.

Here’s an example of A/B testing a headline:

Original copy: How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business

Copy A: 10 Reasons Why Businesses Are Thriving With Digital Marketing

Copy B: Increase Your Revenue With a Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy

Which are you most likely to respond to?

The goal with A/B testing is to quickly identify and eliminate content that isn’t performing well, and the best part is that there is no end to the amount of split testing you can do. When you keep pairing new content against the current winner, you’ll end up with a world-class strategy that works like a 24-hour salesperson for your business. That’s what excelerate Digital provides for our clients, and that’s what we can help your business achieve. Get in touch with our team today to plan your next winning campaign.