How Advertisers Are Preparing for the Holiday Season

October 21, 2020

COVID-19 has brought on a number of different challenges for businesses around the globe, and as more customers are choosing to shop and make purchases online, advertisers need to adapt their style to accommodate the new buying trends, especially with the holiday season coming up.

The buying habits of Gen Z individuals have made a dramatic impact on their own, as a generation raised on the internet and social media begins to spend more as they reach the ages of 20–24. Born after 1996, Gen Z’ers are reaching adulthood and have quickly grown accustomed to buying items online, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only fed the digital shopping craze. With most retailers having to adapt their offerings to the public risk of COVID-19, customers will have to change their buying habits to be primarily online.

Unlike Millennials who had to battle uncertain economic times, Gen Z’ers were born into a relatively stable world with technology at their fingertips. As a result, they tend to be more impulsive with purchases – especially online shopping. With COVID-19 hanging in the balance, the push for advertisers to adapt tried marketing methods and cater to this generation’s desire for simple, fast, and fluid online purchasing is stronger than ever before.

Generation Z may be more impulsive when it comes to spending money, but they are more apt to practice caution where world issues are concerned. This closes a few doors for advertisers working in the brick and mortar space but adds many more prospective buyers to the digital pool. Due to tighter budgets, potential customers are seeking deals. Advertisers can leverage this shift in purchase behavior by extending their online sales. Google is even anticipating a “monthlong” cyber Monday due to online businesses having to compensate for lower than usual in-store traffic.

Advertisers know that most people are staying home and purchasing goods online, and that information can be used to push various products from a new angle. Many industries have found ways to increase their sales during the pandemic by selling specific emotions and feelings – what you’ll experience and how it will make your home life better. With family get-togethers also minimized (such as Thanksgiving and Christmas), the family group chat has become a household necessity and the amount of digital sharing has skyrocketed. Advertisers have the opportunity to break into this new world of stay at home people and influence what they share with each other based on emotion.

A giant in the social media world, Instagram has developed its new Instagram Shopping ability, where scrollers can pause over selfies, group shots, and more that contain product tags set by the poster. Tapping these product tags enables prospects to view a product description page that includes information such as product images, descriptions, pricing, as well as a link to visit the online stores where the items were purchased – and thus a new, very powerful tool is born. With searches for “fashion online shopping” up 600% year over year, advertisers can use the tool of instagram shopping to capture their audience,

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