AMP for Email Could Breathe Fresh Life Into Email Marketing

May 13, 2019


Email hasn’t always been user-friendly but with the new accelerated mobile pages (AMP) launched through Google’s Gmail accounts you’ll start to indulge in a better user experience. 

For example did you ever think it was annoying to receive notification emails when you’re tagged on a Google Doc or within Google Sheets only to realize you must open the entire document to reply to these comments? With AMP now you will have the ability to reply to comment threads without ever leaving your inbox. 

While this feature is great you may be wondering how this applies to email marketing and shopping experiences.

How AMP Is Transforming Email Marketing for eCommerce Brands 

Much like the Google Sheets and Google Doc comment capabilities directly within your inbox as a business owner you’re likely always wanting to create an easy shopping experience for your buyers. With this new feature you’ll be able to take your email marketing up a notch or two – or three! 

When you send an email blast about a new product or a special event or have a questionnaire you’d like filled out dynamic (AMP) email for Gmail users will allow your customers to complete actions within the message itself. Talk about taking the buyer experience to a simplified new level! 

Let’s create a scenario for you to picture: 

You’ve recently launched a new product and within that launch campaign you’re running a 20% off discount on this product for email subscribers only. You draft a creative email and send it to your entire email list. When those recipients receive your message and open it using Gmail they’ll be able to complete the product purchase right inside your email without ever leaving their inbox or being steered away to your website where they get distracted and click off the page. 

What could this do for your business? How many more sales will this enable you to take part in? How many more relationships will you be able to build with your audience because of AMP? 

Our guess – a lot! 

Businesses Who Have Already Taken Part In AMP Email Marketing

If you’ve not already started utilizing this feature to its fullest now is the time to get on board. Large corporations such as Pinterest Doodle Freshworks and have already started using AMP to boost their email marketing strategy.  For example Pinterest used AMP in their emails to offer suggested pins that you can save directly to your Pinterest boards from within your email. And has made booking online so much faster by giving their email subscribers immediate options to book without ever leaving their inbox. 

All of these brands are shortening the buyer experience. Remember many purchases online are emotional which means people purchase when they see the option immediately. If they must click off or go to another web browser it gives them time to rethink their purchase and often close the window without buying – something business owners don’t want.

Ready To Go AMP?

Are you ready to transform your email marketing strategy into one that integrates AMP for your customers? Contact our digital marketing team at excelerate Digital and we will craft a plan of action that benefits your products and services as well as gives your customers an easy way to purchase.