Blogging in 2021

March 16, 2021

Blogging in 2021 - Why This Needs To Be Part Of Your Digital Strategy

The way in which customers are finding businesses, as well as their expectations in which they consume information, is forcing businesses to adapt and take a different approach to their marketing. This is where blogging can be beneficial to your marketing strategy. Here are some benefits of blogging in 2021:

  1. SEO

For the longest time blogging has played a vital role in search engine optimization(SEO). Google has refined its algorithm to even rank websites on searcher intent. They want to ensure that users get the most relevant information. Blogging showcases your expertise which in turn brings more visitors and ranks your website as authoritative over time.

You should know, however, that blogging takes time before search engines notice you. With quality content, you'll find yourself on the first pages of SERPS within no time.

  1. Branding/Awareness

A blog helps you to add personality to your brand. Readers can connect with your blog posts better than they would with let's say a press release or financial report. Blog posts comments section is conversational which creates an opportunity to provide insights to customers and prospects in a laid-back manner.

When people share high-quality blog posts on social media it works in your brand favor.

  1. Thought leadership

When it comes to thought leadership it's all about marketing your expertise. It shows you are a leader, a go-to person even if you run a small business. Blogging will enhance or build trust with your existing and prospective customers while at the same time endear you to your peers.

When you share valuable content even your peers may reference your content because it's deemed trustworthy. And this also boosts your SEO immensely.

The benefits we've shared above are reasons enough for any small business to start blogging or refine its strategy further. Ideally, you need a blogging strategy to guide you on the goal-making process and progress review.

If you do not have a blog or blogging strategy for that matter, we'll help you create one. Contact us now.