Branding: How Each Element Plays a Role in Your Branding’s Success

November 22, 2016

Your branding is evident in every piece of your marketing.

It shines through in your logo mission statement and packaging. It’s about much more than just choosing your favorite color and picking a logo template. Powerful branding identifies your business by expressing who you are and why you exist. If you can get the audience to understand those two things at a glance they will be more likely to give your business a try.

So if you’re building a brand how do you squeeze the most return out of each element? You tap into the collective mind of your target audience and research branding psychology to build a brand persona that speaks to it. Consider the following when tackling the elements of your branding and you will be well on your way to a strong relatable brand.


The truth about color psychology is that color preferences are subjective. There is no guarantee that every person is going to react the same way to a red sign or green logo. However there are universal themes attached to every color that make certain color “fit” for different uses.

In fact research has found that predicting how the consumer will react to the “appropriateness” of a chosen color is more important than the actual color. Simply put colors should be chosen based on the traits you wish to convey. Below is a chart created by psychologist and Stanford University Professor Jennifer Aaker that helps marketers understand 5 core dimensions that can define a brand and what colors are associated with those traits.

You know that your logo is crucial to your brand. It is the piece of the big picture that most of your customers relate to. Take a quick second to think about the country’s most recognizable brands Coca-Cola Nike and Chevrolet. What do you think of first? Was it their slogans or mission statements? Probably not. Chances are it was the logo that popped into your mind.

Shape plays a huge part in making your logo memorable. It is the foundation on which the rest of the design is built and can determine the way a viewer feels about your brand. Different lines and shapes send the viewer different messages.

Circles are inviting and are used to represent community longevity and femininity while straight edges and sharp corners suggest stability and efficiency. The implications of these shapes are important to the overall design of a logo but also carry over into our next point: font.


Choosing a font to represent your brand is a daunting task. There are thousands upon thousands of different options. From script to serif there is a font for every brand but how do you find the one that’s right for your message and business personality.

First consider how you want people to feel when they read your slogan look at your font or see your packaging on the shelf. If you’re hoping to come across as professional and stable you can set your sights on a strong serif font. These fonts look traditional and make the viewer feel nostalgic.

Script fonts make the viewers think of handwriting which can create positive heart-warming emotions. Script fonts are fancy and elegant making them perfect for luxury items. If luxury or stability isn’t what you’re selling there are still modern display decorative or sans serif fonts to choose from. No matter what font you choose make sure that it is easy on the eyes or risk the reader getting frustrated and abandoning your brand.

Color shape and font are just three of the hundreds of elements that go into building a killer brand. If you find yourself stuck reach out to us at Excelerate Digital. Our team of experts is ready to put their minds together to create a brand that speaks to your audience and builds lasting relationships.