Connected, Digital TV Lets Advertisers Stay Connected to Audience

March 14, 2018

With the rise of binge-watching and on-demand streaming there is a whole group of TV viewers that traditional TV commercials cannot reach. And that group is only going to grow.

But don't fret connected and digital TV opens a whole new world of advertising for your brand. The benefit of advertising via connected TV vs. traditional TV advertising is that you can collect data about how your ad performed. You can target your audience based on its interests and buying habits and you can track its behavior across multiple devices.

2017 was the first year that digital ad spending beat TV ad spending. The digital advertising landscape is growing. Brands want to continue the conversation that they started with their TV ads and take them to social platforms. They do this for many reasons but one of the benefits is gathering more information about their customers - what their interests are and what they're responding to - so they can follow their customers and retarget to them.

Digital TV advertising is a great way to market to a TV audience and gather data on your ideal customer at one time. Graeme Hutcheson director of digital at British company Sky Media has said that Addressable TV (the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same program) is allowing brands of all shapes and sizes to harness the power of TV. He said

"Smaller and niche businesses are now able to compete with national brands on an even playing field."

As consumers start to watch more TV via digital streams (Roku Amazon Fire and smart TVs) there is more opportunity to market to that digital television audience.

The Advantages of Connected TV Advertising:

Targeting - With Connected TV audience targeting you can use third-party data the same as you can with your digital campaigns to serve ads to customers who are more likely to be interested in your content. And you are serving it to the biggest screen in the house.

Measure - You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns using both digital and traditional metrics. It allows you to follow the entire customer journey from viewing a TV commercial to making a purchase.

Retarget - You can retarget customers after they view your CTV commercial across their devices including laptops and mobile devices.

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