Consumer Journey

March 16, 2021

Consumer Journey - The Importance of Nurturing Clients/Advocates

Have you mapped out your customer journey or lifecycle? Businesses that understand the customer journey and address their customers' pain points along the way can help improve their customer experience and reap the rewards. Businesses can take this a step further by nurturing their leads throughout the entire journey. This is why!

First off, you need to confirm whether you've mapped out and mastered your customer journey. Because lead nurturing is all about building or enhancing already existing relationships with your customers and prospects. You need to create a meaningful connection, educate them, and create brand awareness in the process.

Is lead nurturing effective?
Lead nurturing is effective if It is executed properly. How well do you understand your customers at each stage of the customer journey? Which are the best communication channels? Of course, the tone or channel of communication may change at different stages of the customer journey but the formula remains the same. A successful lead nurturing campaign relies heavily on automation, partial automation, or real-life human interactions.

Even so, you must have a connection with the customers across your multi-channel lead nurturing campaign. You can use these examples for lead nurturing:

  • Social media marketing

  • Direct calls

  • Email drip campaigns

  • Newsletters

  • Content marketing

  • Retargeting ads

  • Highly targeted emails

Whether it's a B2B or B2C business, corporate or small business, you need to have a grip on your customers' expectations at every stage of the journey.

Lead nurturing best practices
The first step is understanding your target customer. Identify the all steps they follow before making a purchase. Also, you need to have records of all your customers. From the records, you can easily tell their engagement needs at every stage.

Moreover, with the data collected you have the power to create bespoke content for your customers, it should be highly targeted. As we had stated earlier, you need to incorporate automation, retargeting ads, and paid search to enhance your communication channels.

Whatever retargeting ads and paid searches miss, human interactions may invoke those highly coveted purchasing decisions triggers in your customers.

Lastly, we'll help you refine your lead nurturing campaign, contact us now.