Content is More Important Than Ever

July 24, 2019

With so much content on the internet companies are looking to create thoughtful and quality content now more than ever.

Content is what fuels online searches from blogs to social media and videos alike. There’s no shortage of information but there is often a shortage of quality.

Before it was normal for companies to put content on the web that was shorter 300- to 500-word articles didn’t go as in-depth as readers would like. To learn something thoroughly readers would need to read multiple articles from multiple sources to get a full overview of what it was they were looking to learn. As you can tell this didn’t sit well with users and the search engines caught on.

As Google and Bing get smarter with their algorithms and favor quality content it’s important that brands follow the best SEO guidelines to get their content seen and favored.

Setting Your Content Up To Get Seen By The Masses

1. Push past writing superficial content

To keep eyes on your content you’re going to need to add length depth and research in your content writing process. This means content should start around 1500 words and onwards up to 5000 words. It also means the time it takes to finish an article will be longer.

To really engage your readers and push past superficial content include breaks in your content with imagery. 

2. Use a content creation process

The process of writing long-form articles will be longer. That’s why a lot of brands and companies are investing in a content creation process. A content creation process typically looks like this:

  • A writer researches a topic
  • Keyword research is complete
  • The writer then maps the content
  • The writer then writes the article
  • That article is passed to an editor
  • After the editor approves the content it’s passed to the design team
  • The design team creates imagery for the article
  • Then the article is passed to the marketing team to publish it on multiple channels

3. Use a form of content personalization

If you’re not familiar with this term you may already have this incorporated in your content marketing plan without knowing it. Content personalization is pretty simple it means you use one avenue of personalization to reach your audience. Personalization examples include:

  • Email marketing
  • Setting up chatbots
  • Creating in-person events seminars or webinars
  • Creating online advertising campaigns that are name or person specific
  • Using a mobile app

Why is content personalization so important in your content marketing strategy? Because one form of content is not right for every person. Instead you must remember to tailor your content to speak to each person and each audience differently.

The same is true when using social media channels. When you have social content going out it’s likely that your Facebook and Instagram strategy for the month is different. Why? Because they are different platforms with different objectives and different users. 

4. Be authentic and transparent

With social media word travels fast and that word can either be positive or negative for a brand. When a brand is authentic it allows itself to be in front of the narrative by being honest. According to a recent survey from Search Engine Journal users said they would recommend a brand more for being honest even if it was for something that’s not positive.

Here’s how to incorporate authenticity in your marketing strategy:

  • Openly explain problems with products or with defects – and let consumers know you’re working on a solution to fix it.
  • Keep consumers clued in on what’s going on internally with your company
  • Reply to negative and positive feedback without automated or robotic replies
  • Stay true to your brands' mission and promise statement. 

5. Don’t settle for only blogging

Something that companies make a mistake with is believing that content only comes in the form of a blog which is not true. While blogging is important if you’re not publishing quality content it’s better not to blog at all.

Other ways to get your content out in the world are through press releases social media posts videos guest-postings on websites creating Reddit or Medium posts interacting in the comments of your customers' profiles and utilizing Google My Business (GMB) if you’re focused on building a strong keyword and SEO strategy.

Take Your Content to the Next Level

If you’re ready to take your content to the next level but aren’t sure how or simply don’t have the time excelerate Digital is here to help. Our team of content and digital marketers will help create strategies for you to stay consistent with your content so you gain more leads followers or website traffic depending on whichever is your main focus. Schedule a consultation or give us a call today.