Conversational Marketing Is Here to Stay

March 25, 2019

Chatbots aren’t going anywhere so it’s time your business or brand embraces this conversational marketing tactic.

So what exactly is conversational marketing? It’s the use of a feedback-oriented approach to gain customer engagement and loyalty and to grow revenue. Most businesses accomplish this in various ways such as email marketing loyalty programs live support – and chatbots.

Today we are going to outline how to get started with chatbots as well as how the flow of information should run from your marketing team to your sales team.

How to Get Started with Chatbots

  1. 1. The first step to mastering your conversational marketing strategy with chatbots is to choose a platform as your chatbot housing ground. Here is a sampling of five popular chatbot platforms:
    1. ManyChat – ManyChat is a Facebook chatbot commonly used for Facebook marketing. Its visual drag’n’drop builder makes building sequences quick and easy.
    2. MobileMonkey – If you’ve ever been worried that you don’t have the coding knowledge to get the job done MobileMonkey is for you. This platform simplifies chatbot creation for Facebook Messenger without the need for coding.
    3. Imperson – Imperson is perfect for businesses that are ready to up their chatbot game through text audio video VR and AR technology.
    4. Chatfuel – This is a great app for automating conversations. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to pick words and combine those words into multiple sequences for better user experience.
    5. Aivo – Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots to power your user experience. With third-party integrations Aivo makes it easy to use the programs you already love with chatbots.
  2. After you’ve established the platform your next step is to create a conversational map for how you’d like to move your customer from A to Z using the chatbot. This is called a chatbot sequence.
  3. Last build the chatbot within your chosen platform test it and then publish. Don’t forget to maintain your chatbot sequence with continued updates as you gain feedback from your users.

Direct the Flow of Information from Marketing to Sales

While marketing and sales often go hand in hand it is important you use both separately within your chatbot experience. Keeping in mind that chatbots are a conversational marketing tactic you’ll want to decipher when your customer needs a conversation and make that an option.

For example many sales funnels have a thank you page. A chatbot is a great addition to it. You can program the thank you page’s chatbot to start a conversation with your new customer or help explain the next steps in the sales process such as member login information how the program is going to work or how to contact you if they have questions.

For those of you who want to get ahead of your customer’s buying experience a chatbot is a great feature to add to the sales page. A sales page chatbot allows you to start conversations with customers if they have questions while reviewing your package options. Not only that but a chatbot can also be used to help upsell your customer on a package that has more benefits based on what they are looking for. 

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There are many benefits to using a chatbot within your company. As we said before conversational marketing is here to stay so now is the time to get in front of your customers and help guide them through your program or buying process.

If you’re looking to get started with chatbots in your company excelerate Digital can help. To find out how we can transform your customer experience with chatbots contact us today.