Creative Examples of Brand Personality

March 07, 2018

Are you struggling to find your brand personality? It’s okay developing a brand-voice does not come easily. Even though a good social media personality looks effortless most brands have worked hard to develop them.

So where should you start? With your audience since that’s who you need to communicate with. What are their interests? What are their needs? What value can you add to their lives with your expertise?

Here are some examples of how the pros let their brand personality show through:

Beer maker Sam Adams skips the glitz and glamour that most beer companies go for in their advertising. Instead they stick to an all-American relatable voice that connects to their customers. 

sam adams

Taco Bell’s marketing goes full-funny on Twitter and it works like gangbusters for their brand.


tb 1
tb 2

General Electric shows how well they know their audience by speaking to the science and technology geeks. They share photos of amazing high-tech machines that their followers eat up:

ge 2

Adidas’ Twitter voice is edgy and inspirational. They have crafted a new campaign that speaks to strong and rebellous spirits and strikes an emotional chord with their followers:


ad 1


ad 2

Huggies Brand takes a soft endearing tone that plays to its parent-focused audience and plays on its brand name:


huggies 1
huggies 2

To start developing your own brand personality focus on these two things:

1. Culture – Your brand voice should come from your company’s culture. Every business has something that makes it unique whether it’s the founding story the people behind the business or its core values. Grow your brand personality out of what makes you unique and take your followers along for the ride.



2. Community – Your brand voice should be building a community of your target audience. Pay attention to what they respond to and tap into what they are truly interested in. Speak their language. The community you build around your brand is the main driving force behind your social media presence.

It may take time to hone the perfect personality for your brand but the only way to find it is to start testing content to see what resonates.

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