Digital Audio Advertising

March 12, 2020

The secret to marketing is to understand your audience and know what works. This is why digital marketing has found such success because marketers can hone in on specific audiences and increase the number of quality leads. But once again, the marketing field is seeing a shift and change in the market. As content becomes more portable, users are interacting with most marketing campaigns through mobile devices. Most noticeably, there has been growing attention on digital audio advertising.

Digital audio advertising are those little audio snippets you hear on streaming audio media like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), digital audio connects with over 180 million users every month. 64% of Americans listen to online radio and 26% listen to podcasts. As IAB points out, as the accessibility of digital audio content expands through mobile devices and connected cars , the space for digital audio advertising continues to grow.

Advertisers pay for a time-limited audio ad spot on digital media, just as they would traditional television or radio. Companies can choose to target a large scale, national audience, or narrow their reach to a local demographic through geo-marketing. Data shows that streaming audio is more engaging than other forms of media, and as such, results in higher click through rates.

Keith Eadie, VP of Adobe Advertising Cloud says that as consumers become more comfortable with digital audio, there will be more opportunity to deliver highly successful, digital, targeted ads, "We see an opportunity emerging to deliver context-aware, targeted audio ads that can have greater standout, higher recall, and better engagement than more traditional methods of advertising. Right now is a great time to experiment with audio ads, since the space isn't yet cluttered."

There are many avenues available to digital advertisers. Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music all attract millions of listeners every month. As for podcasts, Music Oomph reports there are over 700,000 active podcasts, with over 29 million episodes, in 100 different languages. Delivering a brand's message throughout small moments during the day can fill significant gaps in a marketing strategy. Digital audio gives you the ability to reach users throughout the day, and compliment/reinforce the other visual marketing messages that you are delivering to their screens.

Not convinced whether digital audio advertising is worth it? Consider some of the case studies IAB presents in their 2019 buyers guide:

  • Pandora/TGIF: When Pandora and TGIF teamed up, the goal was to increase traffic to TGIF restaurants nationwide. TGIF utilized a number of approaches to reach its target audience, including pre-recorded spots, real-time audio, and geo-marketing. The campaign led to a 59% increase in visitation and a 20 times ROI.
  • NPR/Kia Motors: Kia leveraged a collection of audio interviews to engage with listeners of NPR. Kia saw almost immediate results with their unique marketing approach. After two episodes, listeners reported a more favorable opinion of the auto manufacturer and said they were more likely to consider Kia when they make their next purchase.

We know digital - after all, it's in our name. At Excelerate Digital, our job is to keep up with current marketing trends and find the approach that works best for your company. Digital audio advertising is a growing and exciting field for marketing. It allows you to engage with customers, anytime, anywhere. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, users don't even have to look at their device to take in and interact with your content.

As digital audio continues to grow, diversify, and expand, businesses will be able to extend their reach and increase interactions. We want you to be a part of this exciting development. To learn more about digital audio advertising, and how it can change your approach to marketing, contact us to talk to one of our digital audio advertising specialists.