Essential Elements Every Successful Brand Must Have

March 16, 2017

These are the foundation for every successful brand.

A brand is the combination of a company’s personality marketing elements and reputation. When all of these elements work well together and the company stands apart from its competitors the brand is strong. When the pieces are disjointed the result can be mediocre at best and disastrous at worst.

So that you don’t find yourself in the disastrous camp we have done some research and selected five branding components that are essential to building a strong recognizable brand.


What is your vision for your brand? Do you want people to feel calm and secure when they think of your business or do you want them to be fired up and ready to jump into action? What is the product you’re selling and how will it solve a problem in the consumer’s life? These are all elements that should shape the vision of your brand.

One way to tackle creating a vision is to start thinking of taglines. A tagline is a short concise message that conveys your business’s personality and purpose to the audience. Carry this central message throughout your brand to give everything a unifying thread.


This is usually the first piece of an established brand after the overall vision. A company’s logo is its calling card. It appears on everything from packaging to social media and from company clothing to letterhead.

Whether you choose a traditional symbol based logo or a simple wordmark it’s important to make sure that you have the logo files available in different “lockups.” This includes having images of different sizes for various online platforms each of which has its own requirements. Your Facebook page’s profile picture is square while the Google+ profile picture is circular. For some platforms you will want a black and white version of your logo and for others you will need a transparent version. Keep these all on hand so that when the time comes to brand different platforms and materials you can move quickly.

Try to keep the main color scheme simple. Think one or two colors that are going to be dominant in your logo. Make sure that you do some research into the psychology of color so that you choose hues that speak to the personality and mission of your business.

While two to three colors are sufficient for your focus colors you will need a supporting color palette to build robust marketing materials and a website. This secondary palette need not be specific colors but can instead be as broad as “pastels” or “bold colors.”

Set Fonts

Choosing a font from the thousands of options available is overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of script serifs and bold typefaces especially if you’re drawn to the art of typography. You need not look any further than Coca-Cola to know that font is powerful. Its iconic script is recognizable from any distance in almost any context.

To choose a font that helps define your brand revisit your vision. The font you choose needs to be consistent with the message you are sending. You wouldn’t choose a flowing script for a financial company just as you wouldn’t want to choose a harsh font with sharp corners for a bridal consulting business.

To learn more about choosing a font review this beginner’s guide to digital typography.

Consistent Images

Using consistent images is not about using the same images over and over again. It is about making sure that each image you use in your brand materials has the same overall vibe.

You may choose to apply a slight blur to every photo to create an ethereal feeling or maybe each image has your product in the background with a model looking directly into the camera. If you are layering text on top of images make sure it is the same font that appears in your logo and on your website. Bottom line all the photos you use online and in print need to look like they belong to the same company.

Now that you know what elements are must-haves when building a brand let the fun begin. Let your passion shine through the details that make up your brand and customers will naturally be drawn to your company. For branding guidance contact us and get ready to hit the ground running.