Facebook Rolls Out New Business Tools For Messenger

June 14, 2019

As the social media platform space continues the competition on who hosts the best and different features amongst each other Facebook took their game up a notch to become the leading business social media platform. How? With their Messenger tool.

Lead Generation Templates - If you dabble in the ads arena on Facebook you may have noticed how effective lead generation templates are for potential customers to fill out. Now Facebook is combining lead generation ads in Ads Manager to a simple Q&A form that will appear in Messenger.

If you’re a service-based business such as a salon car dealership cleaning company or handyman service you can now send your customers to schedule appointments directly within a Messenger conversation.

Group Video Viewing - Video viewing has become highly popular in the online world these days and Facebook has caught on.

In 2017 Facebook created the Watch Party feature and wanted to take this a step further by rolling out a video share feature directly within the Messenger app. This feature will allow its users to share a video from Facebook to Messenger and then invite users to watch it. While this is not currently available it will be available globally in the coming months.

Desktop App Feature - Much like Skype Facebook Messenger is now going to be available as a desktop app feature.

PC and Mac users can now download the app directly to their desktops without having to be logged into the Facebook platform throughout the day. This makes it even easier to have group calls or text chats with clients coworkers or family and friends.

For businesses you may find this feature to be useful if you have remote staff or don’t want to get up from your desk and meet with everyone in the conference room.

The app allows up to 6 people to be visible on the group chat at one time while up to 50 more can tune in to the conversation without being visible on the screen.

WhatsApp Business Catalog - WhatsApp is a popular messenger app and for many reasons. It’s easy to use and allows for messaging encryption video sharing video calling a desktop app and voice-activated messaging.

What many don’t know is that Facebook owns WhatsApp and to help its 1.5 billion users connect with businesses while using the app Facebook is rolling out a business catalog. The catalog will allow businesses to showcase their goods for discovery directly within conversations as they happen on WhatsApp.

Have you started using Messenger for lead generation or to connect with potential customers? Now that you know what features are about to be launched it’s easier to design a plan of action so you will be ready to deploy your strategy once they become available. To get help creating that strategy contact the digital marketing team at excelerate Digital.