Five Education Marketing Trends to Boost Enrollment

March 11, 2019

The education market is often saturated with competition so how can you get your brand in front of potential customers and boost enrollment for your programs and services? Today we will discuss five education marketing trends to help boost your institution’s enrollment numbers.

Five Marketing Trends

1. Define and embrace your brand in all aspects of marketing. Your brand is what makes you stand apart from other educational institutions. Make sure your brand is consistent in messaging and brand colors throughout all marketing avenues both online and offline.

Regardless of how many departments you have you want to provide consistency and alignment online. A prime area for this is on social media. It’s important that all departments work together to increase enrollment for the entire institution not just for their departments.

2. Utilize user-generated content (UGC). Potential students and/or their parents will visit your social media accounts and website regularly as they make decisions about enrollment. Utilizing content created by existing students can help them see themselves at your institution and take some of the strain off your marketing department.

Hashtags come into play when you are utilizing user-generated content. By creating a hashtag that up-and-coming students can participate with they will feel more connected to the campus or program you’re trying to promote. Hashtags can also help connect students with an upperclassman who can then act as an ambassador to help you recruit.

If you choose to use images from current students make sure you have permission to use the images from parents if your school is for kids under age 18.

3. Make sure your content is optimized for voice search. More and more families with children are relying on voice search to answer queries so a question like “What’s the tuition at Harvard University?” is not a surprising one that Alexa/Siri/Google will be asked.

By getting in front of voice search you can help create the narrative for your campus. If there’s been negative publicity or a few controversial stories you can take charge of what answers Siri/Alexa/Google give potential students.

For inspiration on voice search marketing look at what others like Amazon or NPR are doing to market their products using voice search.

4. Create a Facebook group for potential students. When done correctly you can place key people from your organization as group admin members and they can then facilitate the discussion and answer students’ questions.

Another great marketing trend with Facebook groups is to host Facebook live parties to answer questions and create discussion and excitement about your school. An effective technique with this is to have sororities or campus teams do a live Q&A.

This gives new students who are interested in being a part of these groups a chance to get to know other members before arriving at school and the group members can help recruit. It’s always better to know someone before you show up on a large campus for the first time without any friends or family.

5. Make sure you’re investing advertising dollars in places your target audience will see them. Are you targeting 16- to 18-year-olds? Place ads on Facebook Snapchat YouTube and Spotify. This audience age is more likely to be on one of these platforms and your advertising dollars will go further.

Trying to reach parents? Focus on Facebook Twitter and the websites parents might visit frequently. Search engine ads or retargeting ads may be a great option for staying in front of parents as they surf the web.

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