Get Started on Social Media Display Advertising

March 27, 2017

Social media display advertising enables you to reach more of your target market.

Social media is probably the most cost-effective and flexible method of advertising ever invented. You can target prospects more accurately than ever before; you can spend exactly the amount you choose; and you can change your ad content and your ad spend at any time.

Social media in general is a superb tool for branding and customer engagement. People are protective of their email inboxes making it difficult to collect emails for marketing purposes but getting people to like or follow your social media page is an easier hurdle to overcome. Once you’ve established trust on social through advertising you can offer coupons and valuable content as an incentive to get the customer to opt-in with his or her email address.

Using analytics you can tie a sale directly to a promotion and you get a better sense of what works than with any other ad medium. Each social media channel offers its own analytics enabling you to track conversions and tweak your campaign for ever-greater effectiveness. Facebook offers a special pixel that you can embed on your website to keep track of visitors. You can use this for retargeting to feed specific promotions to people who have shown initial interest in your business by visiting your site bringing them one step further into the sales funnel.

While users of each social channel exhibit distinct preferences it’s possible to offer some general advice on ad creation that apply across all channels.

Blend In

Consumers are sensitive to blatant advertising and generally ignore it. A great ad on social is one that doesn’t look like an ad. It looks like a social media post: it blends in. You draw in potential customers and followers because your ad is similar to what they like and follow.

Pick the Right Colors

Facebook Twitter and Instagram use white backgrounds with blue accents. Avoid using photos and colors that have a lot of white and blue so they don’t disappear into the news feed. Pick colors that “pop” such as orange red and yellow.

Don’t Look Too Slick

High-quality photography has lost some of its luster. If you are trying to fit in on social media you want pictures that look real not staged. Reach out to your customers and ask for them to share photos that can be used in social media campaigns. Many will be glad to participate.

Employ Humor

If you want to be remembered make your customer laugh. Research your target audience to find out what type of humor they respond to. It might be subtle wit or it could be broad slapstick. You have to really get inside the customer’s mind.

Speak Directly to Your Customer

Ad targeting can be very specific especially on Facebook where you can define the audience by location age sex income and interests. If you have a diverse customer base you should target them by segment. Create an ad or ad series for each segment and target the ads to show up only on the news feeds of the appropriate customers. Tweak the images language and nature of the pitch according to what each customer segment will respond to.

If you need assistance creating effective social media ad campaigns for your business contact Excelerate Digital.