Getting the Most out of Mobile Marketing

January 21, 2019

Mobile marketing is a relatively new way to market your business specifically for mobile-device users. When used correctly mobile marketing can increase sales with personalized information to give customers exactly what they need when they need it. 

If you’ve not already started using a mobile marketing strategy with your digital marketing efforts you’re behind. As much as we’d like to say mobile marketing is the thing of the future it’s already arrived. So how can you catch up and implement a mobile-marketing strategy? 

Here are a few mobile-marketing tips to get you started:

Create mobile-friendly content plus a responsive or mobile website. Having a website that doesn’t convert to fit mobile or tablet devices is a good indication that you need to update your website design. 

Google announced in 2018 that any design that was not responsive would not show on mobile search queries. With more people turning to mobile for searching on the go creating a mobile strategy should be your first item of business.

Use Google My Business. Google My Business is a free Google feature that allows businesses to optimize their Google listing. Some items you’re allowed to edit include your hours and days of operation promotions or specials you are running your address phone number and a description of what your business is. When you complete your GMB profile your business has a higher chance of showing in search results.

SMS Marketing. SMS marketing has been around for quite some time. If you’re not familiar with it here’s an example. You walk into Macy’s and see there’s a sign that allows you to text 12345 to receive 10 percent off. So you send the text and you immediately get a text back that includes a code for you to share at checkout to redeem the discount. This is SMS marketing. It’s easy to set up for your company and will provide you with additional opportunities to promote your products and remind customers of sales.

QR Codes. QR codes are another easy and fun way to keep your audience engaged through mobile marketing. When you create an offer you can promote it by keeping the mystery alive with a QR code. 

Here’s how they work: when a user scans the QR code they are redirected to a site that the QR code is attached to and then they can see what their offer is. It’s a fun way to offer holiday specials for customers or use it on Black Friday to scramble different QR codes and percentage discounts. Keep the mystery alive and have fun with QR codes.

Mobile Apps. If you aren’t interested in creating a mobile app that’s fine! Advertising on other companies’ mobile apps that your customers use is a great way to get in front of your customer without spending a lot on creating an app yourself. With 80 percent of all mobile sessions being within apps you’re more likely to get your product seen when you use this marketing strategy.

What are The Benefits of Mobile Marketing? 

  • Improved data management - If you’re analyzing which marketing metrics are working and not working for your company mobile marketing gives you an opportunity to improve your data metrics. You now have the opportunity to analyze data based on phone numbers geographical data communication and SMS.
  • Reduced targeting errors - Before WiFi towers became a resource for advertisers most relied on the area codes of their customers to reach them. Now with WiFi you have a higher chance of reaching customers within your area through the cell towers and mobile towers being used.
  • Location awareness - When location is turned on local businesses have a higher chance of reaching their customers within the area. If you’ve set up a targeting campaign to be within a 3-5-mile radius of your location you can now target new customers who have entered into that area. If you’ve also optimized your GMB listing (see above) you can now show up when someone searches for “thing + near me” on their phones.
  • Omnipresence - Most mobile users are within an arm's length from their phones at any given time. This is golden for marketers and businesses alike because it’s easier than ever to get your products and services seen by your ideal customers at any time of the day.  

Are you ready to crush your mobile marketing? Contact excelerate Digital to speak with our digital marketing team for strategy solutions to increase your mobile marketing.