Higher Education Digital Marketing Trends

July 29, 2020

If you work in higher education, you know there has been a major shift towards online learning. Online classes allow greater flexibility, access to more classes, and often, increased engagement. Over the years, digital learning has become increasingly popular. As such, colleges and universities across the country have begun to offer more and more online classes.

But who would have guessed that online classes would no longer simply be one option, they would be the only option. With COVID-19, many schools don't know when they will be able to open their doors. While this leaves a lot of uncertainty, it's also a big opportunity for higher education institutions.

Have you looked ahead to the fall and winter term and already anticipated a drop in enrollment? Don't. If anything, your goal should be to increase enrollment. But how? Take some time to consider your students' needs and how they can get more out of their education through online learning. Consider this:

  1. Students have more free time. One of the number one reasons people put off school is because they don't have enough time. While students wait for businesses to recover and return to work, they now have more time to spend on classes. Now is the time to increase your marketing.
  2. More students may qualify for student aid. Federal student aid considers the student's income, as well as the income of both parents if the student is under the age of 26. If the student or their parents are making less money, they may qualify for federal grants. Help students understand their financial options.
  3. Students can access classes they weren't able to before. There have never been so many classes offered online. Students who were unable to attend a class because it was previously on-campus only may now be interested. Let your students know about your increased options.

There's no getting around it. These days, we're all spending more time online. And what do we do while we're online? We consume content — and lots of it. Think of the last time you got online. Did you read a blog? Watch a video? Get on social media? Your students are consuming various modes of online content. Why not yours? 

The important thing is, you can't just create a piece of content and throw it out there. You need to consider your audience, your tone, and most importantly SEO. What good is great content if your students or prospective students don't see it?

Are you on Facebook? What about Instagram? Twitter? YouTube? TikTok? According to Global Web Index, Facebook and YouTube are the most popular social media channels. If you don't have content there, you need to start. NOW.

It's not simply enough to have an account. You need to be active on the platform and interact with your followers. Facebook is a great outlet to share recent changes, online resources, and events. Consider YouTube to create how-to videos, welcome messages, and even online classes.

Just because you can't meet in person, that doesn't mean you can't meet. In the last quarter, the online video chat platform Zoom saw reported double the earnings they did this time last year. People still want engagement. They still need that connection, and they still want to mingle. If Zoom doesn't fit your needs, look at Facebook Live or YouTube. It just takes a little creativity.

At excelerate Digital, we know these are unprecedented times. We're here to help make sure you still reach your audience. If you need help with your current marketing campaign or think it's time to try a new approach, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.