How an Effective FAQ Page Helps Your Customers and Your SEO Efforts

November 23, 2018

A business’s Frequently Asked Questions page is one of the most important pages on a website but also one of the most neglected. An FAQ page that’s outdated poorly worded and lacks clear direction quickly becomes a pain point for the customer and sends them running (if not screaming) from your site.

So what are the benefits of an effectively designed and optimized page? For one your customers will feel less frustrated when looking for answers about your products services and policies. For those looking to purchase it can reassure them that your values and quality will meet their expectations. It also alleviates the workload for customer service teams when commonly asked questions are easy to find without a flood of emails chats and phone calls. And with relevant links that take customers to landing pages providing detailed product and brand information it boosts your SEO efforts and site navigation.

Here are the elements you’ll need for an effective FAQ page that helps mitigate frustration and drives conversions:


Location Location Location

Don’t bury the link to your FAQ page at the bottom. Place the link at the top of your home page on your navigation bar as well as several other places throughout your site. When a customer goes to the contact page providing a link to common questions can redirect them to find the answer on their own. Adding links to individual questions on other pages of the site like the product page can also help provide immediate answers as they go through the sales funnel.


Seamless Navigation

The construction and organization of your FAQ page can make or break the customer’s experience. Segmenting your questions into groups like Pricing Shipping and Returns My Account Products and other categories increases efficiency and simplifies the search. Using a collapsible menu your page can remain clean organized and user-friendly. Another key element to navigation is including a search feature that allows customers to find their answer faster using keywords. Check out these examples of well-constructed FAQ pages.


Provide Answers with Appropriate Links

FAQs provide an opportunity to move customers systematically through the sales funnel and expand SEO efforts by adding URLs to relevant landing pages. Having an extended library of responses and pages with more information showcases your brand’s authority in the industry and builds customer trust. It also improves SEO by driving new users to your site through well-cultivated content and optimizing for specific search queries.


Stay Updated

With new or changing products policies and processes questions and answers will also evolve. An FAQ page should be treated as a live page that requires attention with regular updates and optimization. A truly effective page takes time to develop and maintain but it will save more time and money for customer service teams provide information build customer confidence and boost SEO.

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