How Reviews Can Impact Your Local SEO

April 26, 2019

Reviews are an important part of a business. They tell your current and future customers about an experience your company has created. Whether good or bad reviews can help sell your products and services without you having to do much legwork. 

But did you know your SEO rankings can also be impacted by reviews? A Google My Business (GMB) review will not only inform customers of products and services to purchase from you but will also help your company rank higher on search engine results.

Key Factors to Help Your Business Rank Higher from Reviews

1) Ensure your customer service representative or whomever you put in charge of reviews is trained properly on company policy and reply etiquette.

While reviews are important replying to them in a proper way that adequately represents your brand voice is imperative. Even when there is a negative review many consumers will take into effect how a company replies to and handles negative comments when making their purchasing decisions.

If you haven’t already created an SOP or “how-to guide” for this process be sure to do so as soon as possible and send it to your staff.

2) Train your staff to reply to reviews with keyword-focused replies. Without making review replies seem keyword stuffed practice replying in a real-world conversational tone with keywords. 

You can also encourage your customers to leave reviews that include the product or service they purchased so you have an easier way of identifying which keywords to use.

It’s been stated by Google that since Google+ is going away reviews on GMB listings will be a huge determining factor for ranking increases. Encourage reviews from customers whenever you can to reap the rewards of this feature.

3) Utilize review sites all across the web–don’t just focus on Google for reviews. Other review sites send signals to Google when you receive a review which helps Google know that your business is legit and should be ranked as a reputable company.

Other review sites include Yelp Yahoo Bing and TripAdvisor just to name a few. If there are other industry-specific review sites it doesn’t hurt to get reviews on them all. Google will start to show your company reviews after you have 5 listed. Focus on getting those first 5 on Google then venture into other sites.

How to Ask for Reviews

It’s ok to ask for reviews. As a business it is important for you to get this feedback. Not just for you but for your current and future customers. Here are some easy ways to ask for reviews: 

  • Send out an email blast to your email list. You can easily send out a message with a direct link to your GMB listing and let everyone know that you’re now on the platform and ask for their help in sharing their experiences. Remember that it’s not good business etiquette to tell your subscribers what they should rank you (1-5 stars) simply let them know you’re on the platform and their review is their discretion.
  • Use your social media channels to let your followers know that you’re on the platform. Much like sending out an email follow the same principles and you may see positive results.
  • Include a link on your “contact us” page for your GMB profile with a direct link to submitting a review. Alternatively you can also do this with other review sites.
  • If you’re a local store you can put a sign on your checkout counter letting customers know that you’re now accepting reviews. This is an easy thing to ask your employees to mention during the checkout process.
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