How Social Media Channels are Supporting the Travel Industry

July 17, 2019

Social media has been instrumental in allowing businesses to connect with current and potential customers as well as other brands. While social networks are making it easier to connect with customers and other travelers we shouldn’t forget the foundation that any hotel property manager or real estate investor should be using to get their property seen.

The Basic Foundation for Success

A good foundation is what drives your marketing efforts forward. With effective digital marketing in the travel industry this is no different. It’s important to start by deciding how you want to use social media to execute your main objective.

If your main objective is to drive traffic then using social media is a great way to compliment a strong SEO strategy. By setting up your website for success through keyword research relevant articles people want to read and optimizing your site for speed - you’re creating a foundation that Google thrives with.

Google has favored the travel industry by recognizing that more travelers are choosing to stay in vacation properties and long-term rental properties over hotels. And in return Google now shows these styles of properties as options when travelers are looking for hotels in a specific geographical area.

Another great way to incorporate social media and a strong traffic strategy is by posting on your Google My Business (GMB) profile. GMB posts are similar to social media posts with the exception that GMB posts gain higher relevancy points with Google simply because Google owns the platform and their algorithms reflect.

If your main objective is to increase your email subscribers then your social media posts should favor giving people a reason to subscribe to your opt-ins via your website or directly on social channels. Facebook Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to promote your opt-in offers and get email subscribers.

Once you understand what your main objective is you can use that objective to create a basic foundation that will compliment this goal through the use of social media marketing tactics for the travel industry and your marketing strategy.

Understand What Your Audience Wants

Social media is by far the best way to gain insights into what your ideal customers want. With multiple avenues to gain these insights such as quizzes polls and asking for actions to be completed you can figure out exactly what potential customers enjoy and continue feeding them the same style of posts and also optimize your website to reflect your findings.

It’s not enough to know what they want; it’s just as important to know where they are. You can do this by reviewing profiles of who is clicking on your posts and also by reviewing your comment threads. Once you find out what their interests are and what types of vacations they are looking for you can feed them relevant content to encourage and maintain engagement.

Word-of-mouth marketing has fueled the travel industry for years. By using a strong social media strategy to get the word out about your property it’s important you are consistently posting.

It’s not enough to post pretty pictures of vacation images or your specific property. Instead utilize a strong hashtag strategy on Instagram an action-based plan on Facebook and a keyword-focused plan on Pinterest.

Keeping your content relevant engaging and consistent is what drives social media marketing to the next level for brands. If you’re looking for help getting your property seen by more travelers or are interested in having your social media accounts analyzed our digital marketing team can help. Contact excelerate Digital today.