How to Expand Your Wedding Business with a Digital Marketing Strategy

September 14, 2018

The bridal industry includes a diverse number of products and services including attire beauty and spa flowers invitations jewelry planners and consultants catering photography and videography and travel.

According to WeddingWire about 40 percent of couples become engaged between the months of November and February with 76 percent of wedding dates set for the summer and fall. On average there are 2.5 million marriages taking place every year in the United States. And with an average wedding cost of $33391 it generates a multibillion dollar industry.

Businesses in the bridal industry experience unique challenges when it comes to engaging brides and driving sales during the off season. But with the rise of digital media businesses can reach target audiences even within a niche industry.

Here are a few key digital marketing strategies to help your bridal-focused business grow throughout the year:

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels provide effective ways for businesses to reach brides and potential brides as they begin planning. In fact 64 percent of brides use Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and wedding planning. From native ads to paid campaigns social media allows businesses to highlight what makes them different from the competition and incorporate brand messaging seamlessly across platforms. Using relevant wedding hashtags providing excellent customer service online promoting events and tracking mentions can all help businesses increase engagement and drive more sales year-round. Social media also provides businesses with an opportunity to manage their online reputations responding quickly to negative reviews and sharing positive reviews with consumers. Additionally businesses can easily partner with influencers and other professionals in the wedding industry to reach broader audiences and create incentives discounts and giveaways for brides in the off-season.

Visual Branding

Visually focused platforms like Pinterest and Instagram inspire brides to design their wedding day using ideas and products they find online (like yours). By creating and sharing cohesive and visually attractive messaging across all platforms brides will be more apt to engage and follow your brand. This goes for video as well as images. From Facebook Live videos to scripted and edited YouTube videos businesses can share the products and services they have to offer; highlight employees or customers; showcase previous work; and encourage brides to visit a website or physical location. Images and videos are excellent avenues for expressing brand personality and increasing organic engagement that encourages brides to shop with you before seasonal rushes hit.

Localized Targeting

For most brides location is the first decision they make selecting a ceremony and reception site. For businesses in that location it’s pertinent to engage those brides by localizing marketing efforts. As brides search for vendors in the area their wedding will take place geo-fencing technologies can trigger promotions for free venue tours free taste-testing upcoming bridal shows time-sensitive discounts and other promotions that create an urgency in visiting your location or attending an event. Even brides with destination weddings will look to local vendors for help preparing for their celebrations.

Mobile Optimization

One strategy that assists with localized marketing efforts is developing a mobile app. According to comScore apps account for over 80 percent of time spent on mobile devices. Just look at the way social media platforms are accessed on mobile devices versus desktops. Apps offer brides a dedicated place to view and save their favorite inspirations contact the business with questions and receive promotions and push notifications. When an app is not a viable option having a mobile-friendly website that easily guides consumers is the next best thing (and still a necessity for all businesses period).

While brides may not feel the rush to purchase a dress or book a photography immediately after getting engaged businesses can create that urgency by reaching brides on social media with visual branding that encourages them to take advantage of off-season deals.

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