How to Find Your Brand Voice

December 04, 2017

Does your brand have a voice? Are you unsure what that is or why it’s important?

The personality of your brand is determined in large part by the words you use to communicate. Your brand voice is the tone of your communications across all platforms. Depending on your business the voice might be serious happy confidential welcoming professional enthusiastic restrained hip or some other quality that will resonate best with your customers. Whatever it is a brand voice should be purposeful engaging authentic and – perhaps most important for implementing effective content strategies – consistent.

Use these tips to find your brand voice


Your voice is just one part of your brand. It works alongside your visuals and your digital presence. The first thing you need to do is define your style. Is your branding bold and bright? Are you marketing to consumers or other businesses? If consumers are they teens or Boomers socially conservative or progressive?

Make sure you are listening to your customers. How do they communicate? Your goal is to build brand affinity by using a communication style that is appealing to your audience and authentic to your brand.

To see where you are at right now gather a representative sample of your content across all platforms everything from website content to videos blogs and social media. Is there a consistent style? Is your voice recognizable? Is it distinguishable from your competitors? Take the samples of your writing that have the strongest voice and most distinguishable style and work from there.

Define your brand voice in three words. Here are some examples: Passionate committed and authentic. Or it could be bold irreverent and hip. Choose three words that capture the personality and voice you want your brand to portray. Define how these three traits will come across in your communications.


Review the communications of your competitors. What is their tone and attitude? You want to learn from their examples but you also need to distinguish yourself from them.

According to business writer Jason Fried:

“When you write like everyone else and sound like everyone else and act like everyone else you’re saying ‘Our products are like everyone else’s too.’ Or think of it this way: Would you go to a dinner party and just repeat what the person to the right of you is saying all night long? Would that be interesting to anybody? So why are so many businesses saying the same things at the biggest party on the planet — the marketplace?”

Speak directly to your audience. Don’t be afraid to be bold and enthusiastic and to rely on action verbs and short phrases if that’s what will resonate favorably with the customer. On the other hand don’t be afraid to be restrained and rational either if that’s appropriate. It can be a bold choice to elect a delicate approach.


Complete clarity in your brand voice will take time and your brand voice is not a fixed thing. It should be ever-evolving to keep pace with your customers. Pay attention to how your customers respond. Track what works and what doesn’t. There will always be discoveries of how to communicate in fresh new ways. Never stop learning from your customers your competitors and from leading brands.

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