How to Follow Up with Leads After a Conference

May 08, 2018


Conferences are a great place to make valuable business connections. In addition to networking potential conferences also give salespeople the opportunity to create valuable leads. But attending the conference is just the beginning. It’s important to have a process in place that will make the most of the information you collect

Start before the conference by preparing a plan for capturing names email addresses and social handles. This can be done by having something as simple as a sign-up sheet or a way of easily collecting business cards.

Once you return home the real work begins. Here are some tips for following up with leads after a conference:

Gather Leads in One Place

You can input leads into your customer relationship marketing platform (CRM). If your information includes a stack of business cards there are apps available that will scan your cards and automatically import them into your CRM. If you don’t use CRM you can plug all of the contacts’ information into a spreadsheet. But it’s important to do this swiftly so that you can follow up with leads within a few days of the conference.

Segment Leads

You need to assume that people are going to be receiving a lot of follow-up emails in the days post-conference. So it’s important to be able to personalize the emails you send out. Segment your lists so that different messages are crafted to fit each group. You can have lists of hot lukewarm and cold leads.

Design a Follow-Up Journey for Each Group

Good marketing automation software can help you segment your lists so that different messages can be crafted to fit each group. You’ll need to decide on your messaging timing between messages and when a person is “ejected” from the journey. How you follow up will look different based on your target market products services and industry. Try splitting your journey into different branches based on whether a recipient opened your email or not.

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing automation this article from HubSpot contains some valuable information.

Create Your Messages

Once you’ve designed the different customer journeys it’s time to craft your messages. Make sure to mention the conference in the subject line so that the recipient will immediately put the connection together. Keep it conversational but choose a call-to-action so the recipient has a clear path forward.

Follow Up or Fail

Generating leads from a conference is hard work. If you’re not following up with leads in an effective way all of your hard work will be wasted. By following the steps outlined in this blog you’ll be well on your way to making the most of your next conference!

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