How to Get More Engagement on Your Instagram Stories

March 18, 2019

Instagram stories can be a powerful asset in your content marketing toolbox. This blog will highlight tips and tricks to use Instagram stories to get more engagement.

Optimize Your Story Images for Action

The first and probably most important way to increase your Instagram Story engagement is to give the user direction. You do this by adding text onto your story graphics such as: “Tap for more” or “Hold to read.”

Why should you do this if Instagram automatically changes the images after 15 seconds? You risk losing the user’s attention when you let Instagram be in charge of your user experience. With a decrease in attention spans it’s important that you tell the user to move through your story graphics when it’s best for them not when Instagram thinks they should.

Quiz Your Readers

We love this feature! Not only does it increase engagement but it helps you in the end as well.

Ask your audience anything and everything. Do you have a new program in mind but can’t decide on what to call it? Ask your audience by creating a quiz. After all they are the ones who will be purchasing the program so their input is invaluable.

Not sure what to talk about on your next Instagram live or in your next blog post? Give your audience a few choices through a quiz. Then deliver the exact thing your ideal customers want and need. This increases engagement and gives them a reason to rave about you.

Give Screenshot-worthy Content

The Chicago Cubs does this as a wallpaper Wednesday technique. On the team’s Instagram page followers are given wallpaper options that they can simply screenshot save and use.

You can also mimic this in your business with quotes inspirational images or with a graphic that reminds them to register for a program or special you are running.

When someone takes the time to save your graphic to their camera roll it makes it easier for them to remember your page in the future. How many times have you seen something but then forgotten where it came from and wished you had a screenshot? Remember this when you create your Instagram Story graphics.

Recap Your Live

If you are keen on doing an Instagram Live broadcast and want to make sure people get a nice recap of what was discussed you can provide a live recap as a list for your users. This gives everyone who watched a reason to screenshot the recap especially if there was a good tip or call to action.

Do you have listeners who are usually on the go? Don’t we all! A live recap story gives readers a checklist when they can’t take notes – and they’ll love you for it.

Remember people love to get things handed to them with minimal work. Find ways to do this through Instagram Stories and you’ll create a recipe for success.

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