How to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

December 05, 2017

“86 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.”
– US Customer Experience Impact (CEI) report

In a previous blog post we discussed why customer experience (CX) is important to your business. Companies that skillfully manage the customer experience reap enormous rewards. They achieve higher customer satisfaction reduce churn increase revenue and have greater employee satisfaction.

One of the top reasons to manage CX that it creates customer loyalty. If your customer has a positive experience with your company he or she is more likely to recommend you to others and more likely to become a repeat customer.

A great CX strategy ensures that the individual's experience during all points of contact exceeds expectations. Questions such as the following give clues to the diversity of the points of contact and interactions that you must consider:

  • Does your customer feel welcome?
  • Are you making an emotional connection with your customer?
  • Are you following up with your customer in a way that is helpful to them?
  • Is your website easy to manage?

Ways to Improve CX

To improve your company’s CX you need a strategy for addressing each area of contact with your customer. Here are some of the major elements of such a strategy:

1. Create a mission and a culture that is customer-centric: Companies that are great at creating a customer experience have a culture that is customer-centric. Their employees work to improve the customer experience because they realize the importance of their job to the customer and vice-versa.

2. Get your employees on board. Your employees very likely know more about your customers’ needs than you do. You should be asking for and listening to feedback from your employees and you should take it as seriously as you take feedback from your customers.

3. Create a brand story: People remember a good story. It appeals to the emotions and helps to build trust. Without a story people have trouble relating to a brand.

4. Know your target audience: Knowing your customer will help you build character personas and help you understand why they would choose you over your competitors – or not. Gather customer feedback to gain an in-depth understanding of what they want and need.

5. Align your business with your CX goals: Recognize specific problems with the CX and focus on those areas first. You will most likely have to improve processes strengthen departmental communications create a customer journey map and improve various touchpoints.

6. Take action: Once you have identified how you are going to improve the CX make a plan to implement it. Break it down into actionable steps and make plans to address them with identifiable goals metrics schedules and resources.

The way to measure the efforts of your customer experience strategy is simple: business results. Word of mouth travels faster than ever nowadays. If you are giving your customers a good experience they will let you know.

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