How to Make Compelling Video Content

April 12, 2019

It shouldn’t shock you that video is dominating the social and online marketing world. The issue is with so many people and companies using video content how do you get yours to stand out above the crowd? Today we are going to discuss how to create compelling video content that grabs the attention of your ideal audience. 

Create Your Videos Around the Topic/Story and not Around the Sale 

Tip number one is to create video content that attracts people based on the story you are sharing and not around the sale you want. 

It can be hard to not create based on wanting a sale as we know that’s the end goal but people don’t want to be sold to. They want to laugh enjoy and remember your video so they can share it enough times it goes viral. The only way to do that is to grab their attention through your story. 

Make the First 10 Seconds the Most Lucrative 

Many video experts say they use the first 10 seconds of their video to hook their audience so they continue to watch longer. While 10 seconds seems like a short amount of time viewers typically click off within the first 10 seconds so to keep them around you must give them something that immediately sparks their attention. 

Add Humor Into Your Video 

What you think is funny and your audience thinks is funny may be two different things. The best way to test this is to see what resonates with your audience by testing different humorous videos. 

Remember videos became popular because people loved the ability to get on YouTube and watch something that made them laugh within seconds. Humor sells. Add humor and your video message will go farther.

Different Types Of Video Content For Brands

There are many different types of videos your brand can make. Let’s talk about the most popular. 

  1. Demo Videos - These are the videos where people demo products or open packages on camera to show you what the company sends. You often see these with computer programs and eCommerce products.
  2. Branded Videos - The point of these videos is to add brand awareness to your company. According to DreamGrow 76% of users say they would share a branded video if it was entertaining. 
  3. Event Videos - These videos highlight an event that the company or brand was a part of. Such events include conferences round-table discussions fundraisers charity events or launch parties. 
  4. Expert Interviews - Expert interview videos are exactly as the name suggests. They are videos where the company interviews an expert on a subject matter. 
  5. Educational or How-To Videos - These are similar to demo videos where they show the viewer how to do something - typically in relation to your product or service. These videos are great for you to pass on to your sales team to close sales. 
  6. Explainer - These are the sales-focused videos where you teach your ideal customers why they should purchase a product or service from your company. 
  7. Animated - These are often known as “whiteboard videos” where the entire video is animated with a voiceover/narrator. 
  8. Case Study - An effective way to showcase your success as a company is with a case-study video. These are best if recorded by a customer who had a positive experience with your product or service. 
  9. Live - One of the most popular forms of connecting and building a relationship with your audience these days is by taking advantage of the live features given on social media platforms. This option allows you to “go live” and show what happens behind-the-scenes at your business as well as gives you the ability to discuss topics your audience wants to hear about. Live videos have been proven to increase higher engagement rates and viewers stay eight times longer on your video when it’s live.  

Ready to get started with video marketing? Whether you’re looking for a team to help you develop video ideas generate a video editorial calendar or review your past work and offer suggestions the team at excelerate Digital can help you soar your reach through compelling video content.