How to Use Social Media Influencers

January 14, 2019

Word of mouth has always been one of the best forms of advertising so how can you take advantage of it to give your business a boost?

Nowadays instead of word of mouth businesses like Chanel and GoPro are using social media influencers to expand their brand's reach and build exposure. These influencers are social media users like beauty bloggers fitness gurus and gaming addicts who work with companies to endorse their products for more authenticity.

Working with social influencers has a lot of great benefits. Here are a few:

Builds trust - Consumers like to see products and services used by everyday people. This helps companies build trust and credibility among their fans. Influencers have relationships with their followers so their followers are more likely to use a brand that the influencer recommends.
No ad blockers - When you’re browsing online and you see an ad you have the option to close the ad or ask to not see it anymore. This can mean your product or services are not being shown to potential customers. With social influencers there isn’t an opportunity to block content.

Improves brand awareness - Brands that partner with a social influencer have a higher chance of getting their products seen by their target customers. When an influencer promotes the use of your product or service in a post that doesn’t appear to be “fake” your company gets increased awareness and positive public opinion.

"Copycat" behavior - When you see someone you aspire to be like doing something you often want to do the exact same thing–buy their outfit travel or eat at a fancy restaurant. Creating copycat behavior for your influencers’ social followers is key to getting them to purchase what you are selling.

Improves reach - Brands that are just getting started on social media or are already maximizing their brand exposure with their current followers will use social influencers to reach new audiences. It doesn’t hurt to promote your product or services to an extra 100000 people you don’t currently reach.

ROI is 11 times better - It’s been said the ROI increases with social influencer marketing because of these combined 5 reasons. While each industry is different on the percentage of how much more ROI they get from social influencers test the waters with your brand. Unless you do you’ll never know how many more sales you might get from an influencer post than a social post you created!
How Can I Find Social Media Influencers?

Are you curious to know where you can find social influencers? It’s easier than you think as long as you know where to look! Here are a few sites to check out: 

  • Google Search - type in your industry plus the word “influencers” to see what comes up. Don’t rely on the first 1-2 pages–sometimes you have to go a bit deeper to find some!
  • BuzzSumo - When using the influencer feature you can easily find influencers within your niche or desired location.
  • Traackr - This is an influencer platform that allows you to create campaigns and reach out to multiple influencers to see who is interested and bids the best for your project.
  • Hootsuite - While most think of this as a social media content scheduler Hootsuite can also be a great resource for finding influencers. Search through conversations and audiences within your niche and reach out to those who are influencers.
  • Followerwonk - This is an easy to use free tool for Twitter. By searching Twitter topics and discussions you can see who is engaging with your competition or within conversations that are relevant to your industry.

Each site has their own way of reaching out to influencers so research more than one to find your ideal list of influencers. 

How Do I Work With Social Media Influencers?

There are different ways you can work with social media influencers. Here are the most common: gifting an item to the influencer and if they like it hoping they will post about it paying for the influencer to promote your product in a video or blog post paying for a sponsored post or sponsored advertisement on the influencer’s website or in their next newsletter and finally by doing a combined giveaway with the influencer and their followers. 

Want to create an influencer campaign for your product or service? Contact excelerate Digital to get started today.