Is Your Marketing Campaign Failing? Here’s How to Save it Without Starting from Scratch

June 13, 2017

Follow these tips to turn your failing marketing campaign into a win.

Not every marketing campaign is successful out of the box. We’d be lying if we said that carefully following a strategic marketing plan is a guarantee against mistakes.

With any marketing campaign it’s important to monitor it closely so you can make adjustments when certain aspects aren’t performing. Below we describe five solutions to fix campaigns that are underperforming.

Define your market. Then redefine it.

One of the most common reasons for marketing campaign failure is not knowing who your target market really is. You most likely defined your buyer personas prior to the kickoff. Revisit this to make sure they are in fact your ideal market.

  • Is your target market too broad? Perhaps you could get more specific and create a subgroup within your target market. Remember everyone is not your customer.
  • Let your personas come to life. Give them a name age occupation hobbies etc. to create a clear picture of who they really are. This will help you target them more effectively.

Really Look Into the Numbers

Don’t look only at the top-level statistics. It’s important to really dig in identify trends and critically appraise the results. For example most marketers will consider a paid display ad campaign with high clicks a success. If your new campaign received a lower click rate than past campaigns look into other factors such as:

  • The placement
  • Cost Per Click
  • Reach
  • Impressions

Match Your Messaging with Each Stage in the Customer’s Journey

There are multiple stages in the customer’s journey and messaging should be different for each one. Your prospects should receive relevant content depending on where they are within the funnel. For example a prospect who is still in the introductory or educational stage should not be receiving offers to entice them to “buy now.” Instead they should be sent collateral to build their trust and further educate them. Content should build upon the previous stage and answer common questions or concerns that prospect have during each stage.

Be Specific

Instead of directing readers from emails and social media to your homepage discuss specific topics of interest then direct them to an appropriate landing page. When readers show interest and click on a link they expect to end up someplace where they will learn more about that topic in particular either on the landing page itself or on a page where they can download additional content. A mistake that even seasoned marketers make is directing visitors to the home page. This is a big no-no because you risk them becoming distracted or lost and not navigating where you want them to go to move them further down the funnel.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Work closely with other members of your sales and marketing team. It’s always a good idea to get different perspectives when analyzing the success (or lack thereof) of marketing campaigns. Brainstorming as a group almost always leads to more (and better!) ideas than any one marketer can come up with.

Next time your marketing campaign experiences a dip in performance review these tips to turn it around. If you need more advice contact excelerate digital to learn how we can help you run effective marketing campaigns.