Looking to Increase Your Email Open Rate? Try This.

September 22, 2017

You know how much effort it takes to write an effective email newsletter. You’ve carefully chosen what you want you want to tell your subscribers you’ve polished every sentence and you hit “send.”

But when you look at your email stats your open rate isn’t as good as you’d hoped and your click-throughs are disappointing. It’s tough right?

Most inboxes are flooded with emails; yours are easily drowned out. Email subject lines need to attract attention just like headlines.

So how do you get people to open and read your email newsletters?

Here are some tips you can apply right away:

  • Promise something. If people know specifically what they are going to get when they open your email they are more likely to do so.
  • Use power words in your headline. Use words that evoke emotion to help them stand out from the crowd. Words like: amazing breathtaking defiant excited grit stunning and wonderful.
  • Learn from others. Subscribe to other email lists that perform well and analyze their subject lines to see what works.
  • Ask a question. Questions provoke answers – in turn your email is more likely to provoke opens and replies.
  • Don’t be too clever. Simple straightforward headlines beat gimmicks every time.

In addition to improving your subject lines follow these tips for the emails’ content:

  • Write to one person. Make your emails personal; no one likes to be addressed as a “subscriber” – they want to be spoken to directly. When you compose your emails write as if you’re speaking to a friend not a faceless crowed.
  • Don’t waste people’s time (or yours). Don’t write an email unless you have something to say. If you bore your subscribers with information that is of no use to them they aren’t going to open the next one.
  • Be generous. Don’t just email your subscribers to ask for something or talk about yourself. Give them something of value in every email.
  • Add a personal touch. You want your readers to know and trust you. So be human. Add personality to your writing. Write fast and with enthusiasm – write as you would speak – so your readers can feel your personality coming through.

According to Hubspot the number of emails in a campaign also matter. As you can see from the image below deending on whether youre a B2B or B2C company anywhere from 6 - 30 emails in your campaign seem to have the highest open rates. 

email-open-rates-b2b2c-logo.pngNever take your email subscribers for granted. They opted in to your list as a matter of trust; each subscriber has given you a vote of confidence. Their time is precious so prove your value to them with every email and they will reward you by continuing to open them.

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