Make the Most of Your Time: How Successful People Structure Their Day

October 23, 2017

Your daily rituals don’t just set the tone for the rest of your day: they can actually make you feel happier and more satisfied. Everyone is looking for ways to be more productive. Here are some time hacks you can incorporate in your daily routine to get more done and feel better doing it:

  1. Get an early start

Some of the most successful people are morning people. One of the best ways to kick off your day is to get a big task out of the way early before the inevitable interruptions and distractions begin. Do something like catch up on your email: starting the day off with a clear inbox will give you a sense of accomplishment right away. It can also help you prioritize your day by giving you an idea of what you’ll have to tackle. 

  1. Make time to plan

A lot of people stay busy but they aren’t necessarily productive. Instead of running from task to task take a moment to plan your day in a way that will be most productive. Cross things off of your list prioritize and reassess whenever you start to feel scattered. 

  1. Accomplish one big task

Your to-do list is likely too long for you to accomplish all in one day. Look at the most important things on your list and choose one to accomplish first. It’s best to engage the most important or difficult tasks when you are physically and mentally alert. Then if the rest of your day gets away from you for whatever reason you will have the satisfaction of having already accomplished at least one major item.

  1. Get moving

A study conducted by the University of Bristol found that “exercise helped re-energize and improve concentration made people feel calmer and particularly assisted with problem solving.  Networking opportunities also seemed to thrive.” Getting some exercise in on workdays can help you feel refreshed and energized. Some of the most successful people use exercise as a way to step back from a problem and clear their heads which can lead to better decisions and less wasted time.

  1. Delegate

Successful people know what they’re not good at or what they simply dislike. Consider delegating some of your responsibilities. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Even if you’re just a one-person show you can hire an assistant for five hours a week to help you tackle those not-so-fun tasks or the ones for which you lack skills or aptitude. The relief of having those things off your plate will be well worth the money you spend and you’ll be able to devote the time to the important tasks that you excel at.

  1. Learn to say “no”

Your time and energy are yours. It is easy to pile too much onto your plate. Remember that when you are saying “yes” to something you are saying “no” to something else. Choose your commitments wisely.

Managing your time will always be somewhat of a juggling act. But sometimes implementing just one tactic to manage your time better can make a big difference. Figure out what works best for you and challenge yourself to keep growing.

I hope these tips help you in your journey to success.