Optimized Google My Business Listing = Good Local Search Experience

May 20, 2019

With so many social channels to choose from Google+ was getting looked past and Google decided to do something that gave users a better experience while helping them rank higher on the search engine. The result? Google My Business. 

Creating and maintaining a Google My Business (GMB) listing for your physical business is crucial to keeping customers happy. GMB allows businesses to customize their listing for accuracy and to create posts about inventory specials or holiday news. So how does GMB work?

How Does Google My Business Work?

First you’ll want to claim your business on Google Search Console which will allow you to have full access to all GMB features. Next it’s important to verify your business details such as hours of operation location phone number and the “about” section. 

If you’ve never used Google Search Console all this data has been automatically generated for your business by algorithms and online social sites. That means that most of this data may not be accurate and it’s important for your business to have accurate information attached to your listing.

Using the GMB Post Feature 

Under the “post” area of your Google My Business listing you’ll have the ability to create a post. While this post has the capabilities of holding up to 1500 words we recommend treating this area as a social post – not a blog post! 

Posts give you various capabilities. You have the option to create a call-to-action include images videos or a snippet of a blog post you want to drive traffic to. 

It’s important to use your SEO keyword strategy with GMB posts and you can easily do that by including keywords naturally. Google has mentioned that GMB posts with keywords will help businesses gain ranking for those keywords as Google is favoring businesses who utilize this feature within their algorithm.

Optimizing Your GMB Images

Google My Business now allows the listing owner to control the photos that are attached to their business. This is a great way to showcase multiple products services or specials you may have running. 

Google has reported that 42% more requests for driving directions come as a result of having photos on your GMB listing. That means more business comes directly to your place of business and you have a higher probability of gaining a sale by including images.

Another astonishing statistic is that 35% of all images receive higher click-through rates to the businesses website. Wow! 

Think of the amount of traffic you currently have and what an increase in traffic could do for your business by simply taking a few minutes to upload and edit images. This is an easy yet highly rewarding feature. 

Now that you know images are an important feature to update on your GMB listing you may be wondering if it’s better to update your images all at once and then leave them or if you should update them on a regular basis. The latter is better. Google recommends updating your photos every week or every other week and to include images that happen in real time not just stock images.

Ready to Get GMB Optimized?

GMB is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy. The team at excelerate Digital has been successfully optimizing and utilizing the features of GMB for all types of businesses both locally and nationwide. Contact us today to discuss your GMB options and to see how it fits into your overall strategy.