Post Election and Holiday Season: What It Means for Digital Marketing

December 04, 2020

Marketers often hit recurring events they have to plan for, such as the big holiday season and this year’s US election - but what should they be doing afterward?

It’s important to read the room and know how to craft your marketing strategies in the aftermath of such events to continue growing and see the results you were hoping for.

Paid advertising has already taken somewhat of a hit in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Though online spending has increased because people can’t always go to their favorite stores in-person, it’s safe to say in terms of media consumption, the focus has been a lot more on the pandemic than anything else.

But advertisers can easily adapt and still see some success with their paid ads if they cater to the new needs consumers have during the pandemic. The same approach must occur post-election as well.

As consumers will likely actively search for news and updates on the results, it’s very likely for ads and offers to become overlooked unless the advertisers account for this change in consumer attention. Consumers may still not feel very comfortable going to stores in person yet, so businesses may want to focus more on online offers at first.

The biggest trend to focus on in the near future is trying to give consumers an in-store experience without requiring people to come into a store to purchase their items. Online shoppers, while they cannot touch the product, will heavily rely on pictures, descriptions, and customer reviews to make a decision, so businesses should focus heavily on making sure their target has all the information they need.

In terms of how to approach such a trend, consider being:

  • Inventive: A bit of creativity can go a long way even if you don’t have the most exciting product. Check this ad banner from GoDaddy as an example of out-of-the-box ad copy;
  • Agile: If you want to get ahead of competitors, then you need to keep an open eye on consumer needs, behavior changes, and market trends;
  • Mobile-first: A lot of consumers will use mobile devices for their online shopping, so it’s paramount that your business provides a mobile-friendly experience.

Given everything the retail industry will experience post-election and holiday season, what would a good digital marketing strategy look like?

Well, there are two major things to consider:

  • Reading the room - Major events and news will likely take the consumer’s attention away from brands and companies, which may result in some lower conversion rates. However, digital marketers should account for these events, dial it down, and go stronger in moments they know user attention is high, such as the holiday season;
  • Optimized online experience - If a business has not focused on its online voice yet, it’s high time to do it. This can include everything from a better SEO strategy to introducing online shopping services, improving social media visibility, etc.

Adapting to the times is essential in digital marketing as it’s perhaps one of the most important ways of ensuring a business’s success. If you require support with your marketing strategy, get in touch with the excelerate team now.