Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends

September 16, 2020

COVID-19 may have grounded a lot of people and left many businesses at the mercy of lockdowns restrictions, but the real estate market has remained surprisingly robust since the start of the pandemic. Across the country and despite the lost income many have had to deal with, homes are still being bought and sold, and real estate agents have had to adjust the way that they interact with buyers. Since the beginning of real estate transactions, buyers have enjoyed face-to-face interaction with their agents. This same level of interaction can’t be achieved anymore, and many real estate agents attribute their continued success to digital marketing efforts that they’ve implemented over the past several months. As buyers spend more time at home, they have begun to seek out properties with amenities that better suit their new needs, such as home office space, larger kitchens, and more privacy from others living under the same roof. Agents who are able to show these properties digitally are quickly becoming the leaders of the pack.

Buying anything online is a very different process than in person. You can’t physically see the item, pick it up, or in the case of houses, walk through it. This means that when selling something as large and complex as a home, including the right marketing assets is crucial to the success of any agent. Today’s buyers are looking for full 3D virtual walkthroughs where they can pan around and view the home from different angles, review floorplans, and narrow down their choices instead of spending days or weeks touring through houses with an agent in tow. They want to be able to research multiple properties quickly and access the information that matters to them most in order to make an educated decision. With the technology available today, agents can provide every tool necessary to complete the sale of a home without physical interaction. However, sometimes physical viewings are necessary, such as with inspections, appraisals, and final showings. In these situations, real estate agents can take extra precautions to ensure that the home remains sanitized after each event.

In order to provide this digital service to buyers, real estate professionals need to be active with their email and social media interaction, as this is where the bulk of online sharing occurs. Creating a following of home buyers adds directly to your trusted audience and promotes engagement with your listings. Running regular virtual open house events can generate a lot of interest for your listings, and email campaigns can be used to drive traffic to digital events. The current state of the world right now means that selling homes isn’t as much about the sales pitch as it’s about presenting helpful information about the benefits of your listings that will make life easier for buyers, and social media is where agents will find the highest return on their time invested. Sharing helpful information for new home buyers and even hosting free webinar-style events can help you reach interested buyers and position yourself as an expert in your community.

We may be separated physically right now, but digitally, we’ve never been closer. As an agent, your responsibility to your clients means equipping them with the tools and information they need to make the biggest purchase of their lives. Utilizing advanced digital marketing techniques can help you reach your clients without physical interaction and deliver the care and attention that they need throughout the buying process. At excelerate Digital, we’ll help you identify the best ways to build and engage your audience with advertising and content that will position you at the forefront of their minds when it comes to buying or selling a home. Real estate has gone digital, and we are ready to be your dedicated guide into the future of this timeless industry.