Remarketing for Advertising Success

October 19, 2018

Consumers today are active easily distracted and always looking for the best deal. Even when they find the right product at the right price 96% of visitors leave a website without converting and 49% of visitors browse a site two to four times before making a purchase. So how do you get those interested and qualified leads to come back and complete their signup or purchase? The answer is remarketing.

Remarketing is a highly effective tool that shows your business’s ads to consumers who have recently visited your website mobile app or provided you with their email address. As they traverse other websites jump on social media search for things on Google or watch videos remarketing ads can provide a subtle but powerful reminder about your brand and the product they may have left in the cart.

Remarketing can be done through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram using contact lists website visitors and app users’ information or with Google Ads. Google remarketing uses search ads customer lists display and dynamic ads and video remarketing in an expansive and result-driven way.

Here’s how remarketing can drive your advertising success:


Increase Brand Awareness and Recall

Marketing tactics like SEO can help increase organic reach and drive traffic to your site. But that doesn’t mean those visitors are recognizing your brand or remembering it later. Remarketing can help improve brand awareness and recall so that consumers’ searches are more direct and brand-specific. It’s an effective enough strategy that 43% of companies use remarketing for online brand awareness and recognition especially when growth is a top goal.


Save Money Maximize ROI

While remarketing is a paid advertising option it’s not expensive. In fact the average display ad costs about $10 for every 1000 views. With low click-through rates and competitive conversion rates compared to search ads remarketing can boost repeat visits by 50% increase conversions by 51% and improve the time consumers spend on your website by 300%. For the amount invested in remarketing you are definitely maximizing your ROI.


Generate Leads and Increase Conversions

Website visitors especially those who have partially completed a registration or added a product to their cart have shown interest in what you have to offer. Despite the reason for abandoning their cart or bouncing from your site they are more likely to convert after seeing a reminder. At this point your product is familiar to the consumer and they are more likely to complete that purchase on a second or third visit. You can also convince consumers to choose your product over a competitor’s by serving them an ad when they search for a particular keyword even when they’re researching the competition. A dynamic ad can show them the specific product or service they were looking at on your site and provide an instant comparison and incentive to click on the ad and go back to your site.

For increasing website traffic qualified leads brand awareness and conversions remarketing is the way to go. It’s affordable for small businesses and effective for brands at any stage of growth and in any industry.

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