Social Media Marketing - Trends for 2021

January 12, 2021

The social media world never stays in place for too long, and that's not about to change in 2021. These platforms that started as ways for people to socialize and create content have now become veritable advertising powerhouses, earning the attention of many businesses looking to reach their audience.

Social media marketing can be sometimes difficult to keep up with, but with an eventful year like 2020 where there were many events at every corner, both positive and negative, many chances in the social media landscape have been accelerated.

Here are the most important social media marketing trends for 2021 marketers and business should pay attention to:

Though born out of pandemic necessity, virtual events may be here to stay in 2021. Though the world will be able to resume in-person events at one point, companies have found a lot of unexpected success from virtual events hosted with the help of social media events.

Logistics aside, virtual events can gather a lot more participants than in-person ones, allowing the event to be exposed to considerably larger audiences. More people and fewer costs of setting up such events certainly make for an approach many more will try to focus on this year, especially used as a way to attract new followers.

Already using social media platforms as the only means to improve brand awareness doesn’t generate the levels of success marketers hope to achieve. Platforms such as Facebook have changed this approach with their advertising services by adding special features that help brands convert users, sometimes even buy products straight from the platform without needing to visit another site. This seamless experience of buying or converting will have a strong say in a brand’s approach to social media marketing in 2021.

Earning a conversion is always much more difficult than earning a lead, so the natural next-step for brands will be to focus their efforts on the platforms that generate the results they are looking for. So far, many advertisers have jumped at the opportunity to set up a business profile on every social media platform under the sun, an endeavor that likely generated mixed results especially for smaller businesses who don’t have the resources to grow multiple profiles.

Additionally, 2021 will also see the growth of the social media micro-influencer. It’s not a secret that influencer marketing generates big revenue for businesses, but smaller enterprises are beginning to learn they can replicate the success with influencers with smaller, but niche audiences. Such partnerships can become essential to helping businesses reach their sales goals for 2021, and are a lot easier to manage than in the case of big influencer names.

The final trend to pay very close attention to is social messaging. Although the idea of brands communicating with consumers through private messaging is not new, 2021 will likely see an increase in the use of AI technology to empower 24/7 communication with consumers. Users expect to be able to interact with their brands any time, anywhere, and social messaging can really make a difference when it comes to allowing a brand to stay competitive.

The landscape of social media changes rapidly, and brands that can’t keep up are often left struggling to effectively communicate and interact with their audiences.

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