Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

November 15, 2016

These are the social media trends that will rule next year.

Anyone who thinks 2017 will be a dull year hasn’t been paying attention. In fact we expect 2017 to be a year of amazing and dynamic development in social media marketing. Here are trends we expect to either continue or develop in the coming year:

Video: Live and Personal

Everyone loves video. Whether it is a goofy cat video a concert clip or an educational lecture there is something for everyone. Video is currently being promoted above all else on social media channels with the introduction of Facebook Live being the most recent boost. Share video that helps your fans and customers feel like they are with you in the office behind the scenes on a trip at a get the idea. Give them the full experience with 360-degree views sound/music and use the Facebook Live feature to interact in real time.

Less is More

With more and more social channels being introduced every year it can be hard to cut through the noise. Businesses are starting to cut down on how many social media channels they use so they can be more strategic where they currently are. Do some research with your target audience to find out where they like to interact online. Use online surveys or simple phone conversations to make sure you are putting your efforts into the right place.

Narrow your Niche

If you have been following the marketing trends for the past few years you will most likely have heard the term “niching down”. First you need to be clear on what sets you apart from the competition. This will help you develop a detailed customer avatar to help you decide how you should narrow your focus. For example; a yoga instructor offers classes to all ages and levels but is struggling to make ends meet. She has customers that can’t pay or don’t value her services because it isn’t meeting their needs. Taking a closer look she realizes that her best clients were attracted to her because she does a great job working with back injuries. Instead of trying to reach everyone she began targeting individuals that have had back injuries and are between the ages of 40 and 60. By “niching down” she is able to reach the right target audience that would value her work and become loyal repeat customers. How can you apply this strategy?

Inspirational/visual posts

Most the images shared through social media are quotes memes and attractive images. When a message connects with viewers on an emotional level they are more likely to share with their friends. You can build trust and likeability with your target audience by sharing inspirational and beautiful posts that are related to your business but not promotional in nature. Consumers are sensitive to promotional content and may unfollow your page or dislike your business if you share too many too often.

Businesses that are on top of marketing trends are creating original memes (images with text) including their branding on the image or website address in subtle small print. This ensures that your website or logo gets seen when your fans share the original meme. Canva is a simple do-it-yourself web-based tool that can help you create beautiful memes for your social media marketing.

Paid Advertising

Nowadays there is so much noise online it takes a lot of creativity and luck to get noticed organically. Search algorithms keep changing and not necessarily in your favor as a business owner. For 2017 you may need to use advertising on the social media channel of your choice. All the big guns (Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn) offer paid advertising. Each platform also gives access to analytic tools so you can be sure that your ad dollars are well spent. Start with your most popular platform and take time to develop a strategy to promote your best content product or service for the best results.

Staying on top of current marketing trends will give your business the competitive edge. If you are unsure how to apply these strategies contact us and we’ll help you get started.

 Andrea RowanBy Andrea Rowan

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