The Answer to the Google+ Shutdown: Google My Business

March 04, 2019

Google+ is being sunsetted a nice way of saying shut down on April 2. If you’re an active Google+ user you might want to download any data you’d like to save or repurpose in the future.

If you’re a business the shutdown of Google+ means it’s time to focus on your Google My Business profile. Today we are going to discuss what Google My Business is why it’s important to have an accurate and claimed listing what Google Posts are and how they impact local SEO.

What Is Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that allows you to manage and optimize your local business for search results.

Previously when searched your business would come up with search results that were auto-populated based on what Google could crawl about your business online. These things included: your business address hours of operation images reviews and descriptions.

Now that you can claim and manage your listing yourself you have complete control over the descriptions and company information that shows.

Why Are Google Listings Important?

Google listings are important because they allow search engines to gather information about your business that you’ve put forth.

If you have an active SEO strategy in place you can strategically use keywords on your Google listing to appear when these terms are searched.

If you’re a local business you have more leverage to help your business appear when local searches are performed. Not only will your business now showcase more accurately online but it will be found more easily when you manage your listing or have your marketing team manage it for you.

How Can I Use Google Posts for My Business?

Google posts are similar to a social media post with the exception that your GMB post lasts seven days then gets archived on your business listing. Users can see old GMB posts by clicking on the text ‘view previous posts’ that appears directly below the weeks post.

Google posts give you an opportunity to highlight any company specials images products or services – all with a call to action in the form of a link or button.

When created properly GMB posts give your keyword strategy extra leverage. Google has announced that GMB posts are an important factor in ranking for search terms. Use your keywords in your posts organically and you’ll reap the rewards.

How GMB Posts Impact Local SEO Results

Nowadays it’s hard to add a geo-modifier to your keyword strategy without causing your website to be flagged for keyword stuffing or to appear non-organic. The easiest way to impact your local search results is to target the local market.

When people within your area are searching for the services or products your company provides you can use GMB posts to implement the search phrases they are searching for so that you appear.

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