The Most Intimidating Thing about Marketing

November 08, 2016

Marketing your business can be daunting. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

It’s a challenge to keep track of the latest online and social media tools. But the scariest most intimidating part of marketing is that no matter how much research you do or how many hours you put in the outcome is unpredictable.

Even the best laid plans can fall short sometimes and when they do it’s time to take a serious look at your strategy reassess and get right back on the horse. Below are five things to examine closely as you re-strategize. They are common reasons marketing campaigns fail and we have some tips on how you can fix them.

You’re not giving the campaign time to work before making adjustments.

Before you turn your campaign inside out and make drastic changes take a breath and ask yourself if you have given the campaign enough time to actually make an impact. One of the most important things in marketing is building trust with your audience.

If you are constantly reacting and fiddling with your messaging viewers have a hard time understanding who you are. Consistent messaging helps build a rapport with the viewer. That rapport is what is going to convert a viewer into a customer.

The focus is on the business and not the customer.

Let’s face it; we’ve all got that friend that spends the entire night talking about themselves. Even when you try to steer the conversation in another direction they always find a way to bring it back to themselves. You love your friend but sometimes you just want to put them on mute.

The same thing happens to brands that focus only on their own product and forget to talk about why the product is important to the customer. It is important to make sure that your content stays away from too many “I” and “we” statements and instead focuses on “you” statements.

You don’t think it’s important to pay attention to competitors.

You can bet that the competition is paying attention to what you do and you should be paying attention to them too. They are vying for the same audience so it is only wise to take a look at what they’re doing. You can see what works for them and what doesn’t. It makes sense that some of what works for them would work for you as well.

You don’t take the time to review analytics.

If you don’t know how well your current campaign is doing how can you make an educated decision on how to move forward? Analyzing what works is about more than just measuring the number of new likes on your Facebook page. It’s about clearly defining your goals and then determining what analytics are most important to achieving those goals.

Google Analytics allows you to create and track goals. Do you want to get viewers to sign up for your email newsletter? Do you want to increase traffic to your blog? No matter what your goals are there are tools to help you monitor your progress.

You’re assuming that customers will stumble across content on your website.

Just because you have posted content on your website does not mean that your target audience is going to find it. If you want people to see your content you need to put it in front of them. Use all the tools at your disposal to distribute your content as far and wide as possible. Use your social media pages email newsletters and partners to get the content out there.

The bottom line is that you have to be ready to tuck in for the long haul with a new marketing campaign. If you think you’ll achieve results overnight it may be time to reassess your priorities. If you’re stuck or need a little direction contact Excelerate Digital.


 Chris CantwellBy Chris Cantwell

I am a Business strategist who revels in transforming strategies and integration processes into tangible results and maximizing their return on investments for our clients and business alike.