Three Trends in Digital Audio To Implement in Your Marketing

April 05, 2019

There are many digital audio options these days including voice-speaker technology in our vehicles Siri and even Alexa. Is your business currently leveraging the benefits of digital audio in your digital marketing strategy? If not this blog will discuss three up-and-coming digital trends to get you ahead of the game with your business’s digital marketing efforts.

The three trends we will be discussing are voice search optimization streaming services and podcasting.

Get Ahead of Voice-Search Optimization

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of Alexa and other smart speakers. That’s why it’s even important for brands to leverage their Google and Amazon search results for voice searches. Search Engine Journal estimates that by 2020 as much as 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice.

As with most things digital consumers want to find the information they need in the shortest number of steps. As a business owner in the digital world it makes sense to cater to this trend and by providing voice-search optimization for the information you provide online you are providing a level of convenience that will be appreciated. What we once hailed as an easy and effortless process to do a Google search via Safari has since been replaced by an even faster method of either simply pushing a button and asking Siri for the answer or just speaking the query starting with “Hey Alexa…”

When optimizing for voice search start by using your available SEO keyword tools to see what people are searching for. Then edit your listings to add these keywords in a conversational tone. Keep in mind what you ask voice-search speakers for and use that same language when making your edits. 

For example voice searches tend to be longer than a text search. When searching for hours that a restaurant is open you might type in “Restaurant Name hours.” However when that same type of search is used as a voice search it typically will be lengthier and sound more like “What hours is Restaurant Name open on Fridays?” 

With that the keywords you implement to target a voice search should be different than those that target a text search. With text searches targeting one to two key-word searches is typical but when you target for voice searches thinking more along the lines of natural-spoken phrases will put you closer to the top of the results. Voice search is also more apt to contain a question in the search phrase as shown in the example above concerning the hours a restaurant is open. When you want an answer you typically ask it in the form of a question so including query-type phrases into your keywords will help customers find you and give your business a ranking boost. 

Can My Business Use Streaming Services for Marketing?

With many consumers opting to listen to music from a streaming service rather than from the radio it’s smart to get a jump start on collaborating with these services to get your product and services seen and heard by the masses. 

If you’ve ever used iHeart Radio or Spotify you know they have advertisements that come over the speaker every so often. By grabbing one of those advertisement spots you’re allowing your brand to get in front of your ideal audience. Regardless of the age demographic you’re targeting you have a high probability of being in front of your buyers when you incorporate these companies into your marketing strategy.

Leverage Podcasting For Your Business

Podcasts are a great way to get your message across and give an advantage over videos or blogs since the viewer doesn’t need to set aside a designated time to get through the content. They can listen to what they want when they want and often do so while multi-tasking. Also once they subscribe the podcasts are automatically downloaded to their device so it is convenient for the consumer. 

By not adding a podcast as an option to leverage the attention of your ideal customer you could miss out on connecting with your audience. In fact according to IAB and Edison Research 65% of podcast listeners said they would purchase a product or service that was promoted via a podcast.

Ready to Get Started with Digital Audio?

By leveraging digital audio now before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon you give your company a greater chance at reaping the rewards. Contact the digital marketing team at excelerate Digital to speak with one of our marketing experts about how you can leverage digital audio within your marketing strategy.