Three Trends in Podcasting to Follow

May 27, 2019

People want to get their information faster these days and an easy way for businesses and entrepreneurs to do so is through podcasts. Podcasting has been a hot topic in the media recently with digital giants like Spotify and Facebook swooping in and making moves in the podcast arena. 

If you’ve not already started a podcast here are three podcasting developments you should be familiar with. 

  1. Spotify and Facebook break into the podcasting market 

Facebook launched a business-building podcast that shares stories from everyday entrepreneurs who have built their companies as socially responsible businesses. This podcast is really for the upcoming and already-established entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. 

In an attempt to take Spotify from being only music to also include other lucrative avenues Spotify purchased two podcast firms – Gimlet and Anchor. 

Gimlet is a podcast firm mostly known for its role in creating the podcast Homecoming which now is a series on Amazon TV.  Anchor allows businesses to create publish and monetize podcasts. Both of these acquisitions are going to be a huge jump for Spotify as they compete in the podcast arena. 

  1. Podcasts have become as popular if not more popular than blogs 

Let’s face it everyone loves to get their information while multitasking and unfortunately accessing material from blogs means that people must sit still and read – something many people simply don’t have the time for in these “on-the-go” times. 

Because of this podcasts have become a staple in the online information world. A podcast makes it easy for you to listen and multitask – the best of both worlds for those who want to get their knowledge while cleaning the house running errands driving kids to school commuting to work or cooking dinner. 

Something else that’s hurt the blog world is the amount of time and dedication it takes to create a single post. For parents travelers and entrepreneurs it’s hard to carve out 3 to 6 hours in a day to dedicate to blogging whereas recording a podcast takes a shy 30-45 minutes. 

  1. A successful podcast can generate advertising revenue 

Much like blogs a podcast can generate revenue through advertisements. In fact according to PWC Research podcast advertising in 2017 topped $314 million. During this research the top revenue-generating content genres were: 

  • arts/entertainment
  • technology
  • news/politics/current events
  • business

How does advertising through podcast work? 

There are a couple ways you can advertise through podcasts. The easiest way is to have ads served by your podcast platform. This gives opportunities to play the ad at the beginning and end of your podcast as well as sometimes during the recording (if it’s a pre-recorded episode). 

The second way is to reach out to advertisers to create an agreement that you will mention them throughout the podcast. With @mentions you can create advertisement-package options for businesses to purchase directly with you. 

Ready to get started with podcasting or need some help getting advertisements set up for your podcast? Contact the digital marketing team at excelerate Digital.